Brand Development for Auto Dealers

Brand Development for Auto Dealers

The main goal all companies try to achieve is to develop a positive brand image and to gain brand recognition and authority. If people have thoughts like “I can trust this dealer”, and “I need a car, so I should visit this dealership” – your brand image has been formed successfully. So what should you know about branding to create a strong brand development strategy?

To develop an effective and thriving brand you don’t need any sophisticated actions or solutions. Just concentrate on the results you want to achieve. Follow some simple tips and recommendations:

  1. Determine your line of growth. The companies you know today may not be the same that they were in the beginning. And they may change in the near future. So you must have a clear idea of who you are, what you can do and what you will do. Determine what your brand represents and where it can lead you. If you sell Hyundai cars will you be selling them in 5 years? Or there is a small possibility that you will want to sell something else? Remember: brand image is something that is long-term and stable. You can’t switch it to fast.
  2. Find your target audience. Who should know your brand? ‘Everyone’ is not a suitable answer to this question. Make your perfect customer persona portrait to address your message to. Provide different details with it: sex, age, education, occupation, etc. Such factors may have a great influence on customers’ behavior. You can create different images for separate personas. Define possible ways to attract customers to your brand. This data will help you deliver an appropriate message to each customer persona and will speak directly to a selected buyer group.
  3. Realize your value to customers. Ask yourself, “Why should people buy from my brand?” Find reasons that make each customer persona choose you. You can create a survey for new customers or ask your existing buyers to answer this question.
  4. Create a clear and simple message. You can create several messages addressed to each of your customer personas. Cover all aspects of your business. Products, services, sales, etc. all should be considered. Make your message clear and straightforward. Describe your mission and values in simple terms.
  5. Be active in social networks. Blogging, video blogging, thematic forums and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are good ways to develop your brand and increase your brand awareness. Post interesting articles, helpful videos and images. Include press releases and news. Start discussions, engage users in promotional events, share your experience, etc. Focus on an individual approach to your customers. This way you can provide the best user experience and collect accurate statistics.
  6. Make a place for testimonials. Customers’ reviews and testimonials can boost your brand and create a positive reputation. Most people read and rely on other buyers’ experiences before they make a purchase. Take advantage of effective reputation management tools that will help you control and manage the social evaluations about your dealership activity.

Autoxloo offers dealers professional and high quality services for brand development. Our progressive solutions will help you create a desired brand image, boost your brand awareness and form a reliable reputation. Establish a successful brand together with us at Autoxloo!

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