Are Your Dealer Reviews Good for Your Customers?

Are Your Dealer Reviews Good for Your Customers?

Did you know that 70% of users read buyers’ reviews before making a purchase and almost 63% said that they would buy something only from the companies that have customers’ feedback and a good business reputation? The users’ comments can become one of the most effective marketing tools for your dealer website. A social evidence or reviews in other words, can convince customers. The messages that buyers leave can make shoppers go to your dealership directly or call you if they hesitate. Do you want to earn more trust for your online dealer business? Clients’ reviews will help you. But statistically people are more likely to share the negative feedback than the positive ones. What should your marketing strategy be like for managing online reviews?

Negative buyers’ comments don’t always mean that your inventory or services are bad. They can be objective, but you shouldn’t trust them implicitly. Up to 60% of the negative reviews on the Internet are written by competitors or clients who were unable to look at the situation objectively and to take a broad view of it. You shouldn’t delete or ignore negative feedback. Quick, polite and professional responses can transform all bad points into real benefits for you.

Today reviews can sell your vehicles or services not worse than your sales representatives. For this you can request your buyers to leave feedback after closing deals or later on. Reviews can be requested personally, by e-mail or via social media. If your clients really like the car or service, they will write about it. You can also motivate the customers to comment by providing contests in social networks, organizing promotions, distributing your content in social media, review websites, blogs and many more.

Today people feel suspicious about any kind of buyers’ comments because there is no guarantee that they are real. Customers don’t trust reviews if:

  • The reviews don’t contain specifics. It’s not prudent to say, “This dealership is marvellous. I found what I wanted. The price is good. Guys, you’re the best.” Details make a feedback real and true-to-life.
  • The style of writing is not relevant. Young people use a special slang, so they won’t write bookish words. Women are more emotional and expressive than men, their word choice will be corresponding. Styles shouldn’t be mixed or skipped.
  • There are no grammatical and stylistic mistakes. The exception is the official reviews on behalf of companies. The texts written with the perfect literary language and excellent knowledge cause doubts. Such reviews don’t fit the expression of user’s attitude to your inventory.
  • The comments are more than 500 figures long. “Endless” stories are suspicious because an unconcerned person won’t waste time on free comments.
  • The reviews are not sincere. A reader must believe in what is written. A rough, but relevant text will have more trust than a set of cliches.
  • There are good reviews only. Dealers with a good reputation out of 10 feedback usually have one negative and 3 or 4 highly positive ones. The rest are good, but with a little criticism.

Autoxloo delivers high quality services on SEO promotion and reputation management for dealerships. We provide the protection and improvement of your business reputation on a daily basis. We detect negative reviews, comments as well as assessments, use real testimonials to drive bad feedback down. We upload video testimonials as the guarantee and promotion of your brand quality. We create mass mail campaigns to request reviews from your customers, increase your buyers’ loyalty and trust, and many more. Autoxloo leads its clients to success and supports them every day and all the time.

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