Pinterest VS Instagram for Dealerships

Pinterest VS Instagram for Dealerships

Do you know which social platform fits the best your online business: Pinterest or Instagram? Actually there is no definite answer to this question because these networks are similar. Both platforms were created for posting and exchanging a visual content. However, these are all similarities between them. What are the differences? Which one is better for auto dealers?

What’s in common?

Pinterest is a social platform which allows people to publish and share their photos and videos. It is available for PC users as well as for mobile gadget owners. Its members post pictures (pins) on the boards. Each board is a thematic collection of photos. Pinterest began its work in spring 2010. Currently this network is the third most popular web resource in the US among all social platforms.

Instagram is a mobile application which also enables users to post and exchange photos and short videos. It’s one of the most effective platforms for businesses. The functionality of this network allows people to process photos by using filters. Thus, ordinary users can create professional-quality images which were made with the amateur photo equipment. Instagram came to the market in fall 2010. In 2012 the service was sold to Facebook. Now the Instagram audience exceeds 200 million people.

The main feature of both social platforms is that Instagram and Pinterest attract a similar audience. Their users prefer to use and distribute a visual content, often on the go. They evaluate posts emotionally. But from the Internet marketing point of view these networks are absolutely different. Both platforms can be used to promote businesses. However, the challenges that Pinterest and Instagram meet are not the same.

The audience

⅘ of the Pinterest audience are women. According to the statistics, an average user has published 158 pins and he/she doesn’t evaluate posts rationally. A visual appeal of the displayed object is more important for these users.

Instagram is also predominantly a platform for females. But the share of men in this network is 32% versus 20% in Pinterest. Most Instagram fans are millennials who are insensitive to traditional advertising. According to comScore, a media measurement and analytics company, Instagram goes into the top 10 most popular mobile applications in the world. It is used by every third smartphone owner in the US at the age of 18+.

Marketing tips:

  • Choose a social platform which is used by your target audience. Pinterest is good for selling your inventory and services. Instagram will promote your dealership.
  • To determine the needs and preferences of your audience, create a customer persona.

Users’ motivation

The main booster of the audience activity on Pinterest is “I want” statement. The users publish photos there to declare their wishes and intentions. 62% of people pinning photos on their boards plan to buy these items, 21% of users really buy them.

The main motive why subscribers post their photos in Instagram can be explained as a desire to dress up the reality and to present themselves in the best light. Instagram fits this purpose completely.

Marketing tips:

  • Use Pinterest as a virtual show window. Create separate boards for each product category. Use thematic hashtags. Specify the contacts of your sales department in the descriptions and add a link to each photo. People will follow it.
  • Motivate the Instagram users to share the photos made in your dealership on photo cards. Let your customers post their photos meaning “I bought a cool car from this dealer”. Ask your buyers to make thematic photos and create hashtags containing your name.

The content usage and evaluation vs. the content creation

Pinterest is a platform developed for using and evaluating the content. It’s like a flash-light that finds and illuminates the accounts and pins of interesting people and brands. The Pinterest users act as critics or jury. They evaluate other people’s pins.

Instagram was designed for creating a visual content. The built-in filters help users edit and enhance their photos, as well as post them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Besides, Instagram enables people to create short videos.

Both Pinterest and Instagram support hashtags.

Marketing tips:

  • Post your own and thematic content of others on Pinterest. This will help you extend the coverage of your audience and engage more potential clients in the dialogue.
  • Use the Instagram features to emphasize a visual appeal of your inventory.
  • Publish the photos taken by your customers on Instagram if the images are associated with your brand and business.
  • Check out your competitors’ activity in Pinterest and Instagram.

The content distribution

Since the Pinterest users search and post the photos of the items that they like and want or plan to buy, gradually the wishes of the Pinterest audience grow. The first year users post 42 photos on average while by the fourth year of stay the number of publications increases up to 152.

The Instagram users create the content by themselves and share it with the followers. The average user provides 5 photos per week. Many Instagram fans follow the trends and participate in contests.

Marketing tips:

  • Give your website visitors an opportunity to quickly publish your photos in Pinterest. Take care of the appropriate icon for this.
  • Create a separate board for the photos that you use to illustrate your articles in the blog.
  • Create a gallery of photos that you post on Instagram. Try to publish at least one relevant photo per day.

Pinterest or Instagram? Pinterest and Instagram!

These platforms are absolutely different marketing tools. By distributing your content in Pinterest you put it on the public display and attract potential customers. Moreover, Pinterest can be used to extend the coverage of your target audience. By using Instagram you make a name for yourself, build your brand and emphasize the visual appeal of your inventory and services. You can use Instagram as a source of users’ content because the audience willingly comments on the exclusive photos. Instagram will also help you promote your dealership. Pinterest allows you to draw users’ attention while Instagram enables you to create a unique content.

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