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Autoxloo’s Drag & Drop Tools revolutionize the way you approach webpage creation, form design, template customization, and coupon generation. Even individuals with limited technical expertise will find the process astonishingly effortless and intuitive.

Unlocking a world of possibilities, our Drag & Drop tool set empowers you to transform your webpages into dynamic, feature-rich, and versatile platforms that cater to the diverse needs of your visitors. Seamlessly integrate functionalities that enhance user experiences and drive engagement.

With Autoxloo, you no longer need to rely on developers to bring your creative visions to life. Our intuitive Drag & Drop tools grant you full autonomy over your website and promotional materials. Take charge of your digital presence, crafting it in a way that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and objectives.

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Make-A-Page 2.0™

Autoxloo’s Make-A-Page 2.0™ technology allows dealers to create, manage and support their websites all by themselves. Do you need multiple pages with different design or unique templates applied to all of them at once? Do you want urgent changes in your layout, design, widgets, and content? With MAP 2.0™ it’s faster and easier to do than you may expect.

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Our Make-A-Form™ tool is a professional form builder that makes it possible to create any forms on your website. By dragging the input fields into a right place you will easily make a required form in just a few minutes. No additional tools, downloads and installations. Use Drag & Drop Editor to add QR code, graphics, logos, images and other details to your forms.

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A perfect way to create discount, bonus, special and sale labels is the Autoxloo’s Make-A-Coupon™ tool. Simply select a template and provide your information. You can easily manage, change, create, delete, link and print your own coupons. No extra tools, help or knowledge are required. Create the coupons as a part of your discount policy, and make your specials eye catching and working.

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If you are tired of creating ads every time you need to post them, try Autoxloo’s Make-A-Template™ tool. An easy to use navigation, robust layouts, checkout, and simple functionality will develop practical and convenient templates for your postings. Add your information and logo, set the colors, styles and fonts, provide images and videos or create your own E-Magazine – everything is possible with Make-A-Template™ module.

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