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Autoxloo’s fully dynamic, customizable responsive websites work on all devices and are compatible with all major smartphone platforms and OS, including Android, Apple, and Windows. By utilizing our «Make-a-Page 2.0™» interface we empower our dealers to take control of the look, feel, layout, and content of their website all without the need for a single programmer.

We offer our dealers a responsive website that is designed to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the information-gathering phase of the buying process while simultaneously funneling the customer to an opt-in form that converts visitors into leads.

Main Features of Autoxloo Responsive Sites

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  • Fully customizable responsive site
  • Top Google, Bing & Yahoo ranking
  • One-touch contact information
  • Easy access to inventory

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  • Featured listings on the homepage
  • Intuitive user interface
  • One click navigation
  • Custom layout design

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  • Data security and stability
  • Banner ads and slideshow promotions
  • Convenient search bars
  • Forms for quick feedback

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  • Social networking bar
  • Click to Call™ icons
  • Map feature sync with Google Maps Apple Maps etc
  • Sync with your YouTube

We recognize the necessity of having a responsive dealer website for every savvy dealership. Autoxloo websites represent some of the best mobile designs, interfaces, and concepts on the market. Don’t loose about 50% of your dealership visibility. Let us show you some numbers gathered from Google’s study on smartphone users:

  • 79% apply smartphones to help with shopping;
  • 28% of those that see a mobile ad take action;
  • 59% of users visit an online store after looking it up online;
  • 95% turn to account their phones to search for a local or regional business;
  • 91% of smartphone owners use mobile Internet to socialize, compared to 79% on desktops.

Get a highly interactive, feature-rich, and precise responsive website with Autoxloo!

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