Dealer Management Software Solutions

Autoxloo offers a complete dealer management system, to effectively showcase your vehicle inventory on the Internet. All Autoxloo products are integrated with a single user login, allowing you to easily update your inventory and manage your dealership Internet marketing program.

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Products rwd

Responsive Dealer Website

Dealer Website Platform gives our clients 100% control of the look, feel, layout, and content of their dealer website to make sure they are able to keep pace with ever-changing market conditions.

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Products marketplace


Marketplace, a complete wholesale and retail auction platform, offers you a full spectrum of auction services including such features as: “Buy Now”, “Make Offer”, “Reserve Price”, “Proxy Bidding” and many more.

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Products vir


Our Vehicle Inspection Report™ software gives a new breath to the old car inspection process by providing a real-time data stream, storage, reports, and data distribution capabilities.

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Products lvs

LVS™ – Live Video Streaming™

It is a real-time video session presenting a vehicle at the customer’s request. LVS™ tool allows your customer to see the vehicle live and make a quick decision on its purchase.

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Products analitics_and_reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Having access to the data allows you to adjust strategically PPC campaigns, on-site advertising and incentives to increase consumer participation and ultimately lead conversion.

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Products crm


Autoxloo’s CRM gives the ability to track leads, measure win/loss ratio, convert leads into active clients, and interact and store correspondence about the client at one common location.

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Products emagazine

e-Magazine & Print Media

Bring the best of print format and digital distribution to your consumers. Our digital brochures are made with the highest quality. They are virtual magazines that customers can download or subscribe to.

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Products slingshot

Slingshot Mobile™

Slingshot Mobile™ allows dealers to take pictures and enter vehicle details of a newly acquired vehicle incredibly easily. Capture all relevant vehicle information in 5 minutes or less with our VIN explosion capability.

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Products data_distribution

Data Distribution

Software that saves your money through innovative logistics programs. Autoxloo provides a transportation consulting service that gives unlimited potential in listing vehicles locally, nationally, and even internationally.

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Products mobile_website

Mobile Websites

Autoxloo mobile websites represent some of the best mobile designs, interfaces, and concepts on the market. Work on all devices and are compatible with major platforms and OS, including Android, Apple and Windows.

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Products microsite_factory

Microsites Factory

Dynamic microsites with live inventory is an extremely powerful technology with inherent capabilities to attract prospects and capture leads. Enter the microsite as a marketing tool that delivers big-time results.

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Products eCommerse_website

eCommerce Website

eCommerce website is a great solution that offers lots of online storage space, inventory, bandwidth, professionally-designed templates, and SSL technology. Push your revenues to another level.

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Products website_multimedia_tools

Website Multimedia Tools

Autoxloo offers a full range of multimedia functionality: text, graphics, audio, photo images, animation, full motion video, data, etc. Web 2.0 technology supports the latest multimedia options online.

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Products dealership_showcase_tools

Dealership Showcase Tools

To showcase your stores and inventory online: use professional-looking, customizable templates and get closer to your customer through Live Chat and Click-To-Call.

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Products inventory_marketing

Inventory Marketing

Autoxloo provides dealers with cutting-edge inventory marketing tools that are proven to drive more traffic, increase consumer participation and improve conversion ratios more than any other service today.

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Products vehicle_showcase_tools

Vehicle Showcase Tools

Capture customers’ attention, differentiate the listing from competitors and spotlight your vehicles with Autoxloo: Vehicle Condition Report™, Make-A-Coupon™, Vehicle Video, etc.

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Products market_iq

Market IQ

  • Buy smarter, sell smarter
  • Maximize your profitability on every deal

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Products financinal_and_desking

Financial & Desking

  • Sales, federal and state forms included
  • Online calculator

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