10 Most Popular Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s of 2019 (By Date)

It’s been a quarter since we published the 2019 Midyear Car Sales Report. See what vehicles maintained their positions through these three months and what have lost their spots to more popular brands. The sales figures below are the number of models each automaker sold during the first three quarters of 2019.

We have also compared sales figures with the same time last year to help you to see how the 10 most popular cars in USA performed back then:

Position Model YTD 2019 YTD 2018 % change
1 Ford F-series 662,574 679,018 -2.42
2 Ram Pickup 461,115 375,583 28.33
3 Chevrolet Silverado 412,259 424,403 -2.86
4 Toyota RAV4 324,622 319,145 1.72
5 Honda CR-V 280,739 277,621 -1.68
6 Nissan Rogue (with Rogue Sport) 272,300 309,979 -12.6
7 Toyota Camry 256,456 262,887 -2.45
8 Honda Civic 255,484 255,036 0.18
9 Chevrolet Equinox 253,956 234,380 8.35
10 Toyota Corolla 233,978 217,301 7.67


There have been only two rearrangements among the best-selling cars of 2019: Toyota Camry swapped places with Nissan Rouge and Chevy Equinox lost its eighth place to Honda Civic.

The strength in a third quarter clearly remains with trucks and SUV’s: Ford F-Series (F-150, 250, 350, and 450) is the king with an almost two-hundred-thousand gap over the runner-ups. Ram Trucks continue to gain popularity. The numbers added after the Q3 only prove that RAM’s 28-percent jump that allowed them to outsell GM’s Silverado wasn’t just a fling, consumers really fell in love with Ram Trucks. Meanwhile, despite its almost 3-percent decline in sales compared to this time in 2018, Chevy Silverado remains in a four-hundred-thousand group so General Motors can’t really complain so far.

Toyota RAV4 that in 2019 was ranked #3 in the compact SUV’s category, is also doing good with sales almost 2 percent up compared to last year. The CR-V confidently occupies fifth place with its numbers being up 1 percent compared with this time in 2018. Despite Nissan’s visible drop in sales compared to last year, it does not only continue to hang out with the 10 most popular cars in USA, but managed to make its way up from seventh to six place due to the Camry’s decline.

The Civic sales figures that are weirdly similar to last year’s ones allowed Honda to take over the eighth place. The Equinox’s fanbase has grown since this time in 2018, but it wasn’t enough to outsell Civic. The 10th spot is occupied by Corolla being third Toyota’s representative as well as third and last sedan in our list.

Continue to follow our blog as the end of the year is fast approaching bringing in new statistics.

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