QR code: Improve your marketing

QR code: Improve your marketing

Engage Your Customers

QR code, also known as Quick Response Code is essentially a 2 D bar code that was originally developed in Japan for the automotive industry and has since become the standard for effectively delivering vehicle and product information via a camera and barcode reader on just about any Smartphone on the market today.

Most consumers with Android, Apple or Blackberry devices are very familiar with the concept of a QR code and readily use them to gather more detailed product information when shopping. QR codes can be used to send a URL, SMS, MMS, Email, Phone number or text, content which is ideal for a car dealership as it allows the flexibility to promote all facets of their product line where physical link backs are not allowed.


Examples of how to incorporate QR Codes:

  • Incorporate QR codes on newspaper ads, monthly newsletters, blogs, email signatures, TV commercials and even billboards.
  • Place QR codes on the back of business cards for the sales staff
  • Add QR codes to vehicle image gallery.
  • Use QR codes to promote secret specials, contests and so on.
  • Place QR codes throughout your dealership to keep customers informed
  • Add QR codes to vehicle window stickers.

Generating QR Codes 101

Autoxloo provides multiple ways of incorporating a QR code on to your website, videos and printed media. Generating a QR code can be done in a matter of seconds by simply configuring the QR code widget within Make-A-Page 2.0™ and then simply placing the widget on the page as needed.

The system is also robust enough to dynamically generate a unique QR code for each vehicle automatically that can be used across multiple advertising mediums to drive traffic back to a vehicle details page. Now window stickers with QR codes can provide an easy way for consumers to gather more data about a vehicle even when the salesperson is busy helping other customers or even after hours when the dealership is closed.

Some of the most progressive dealers use QR codes to keep customers engaged on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by creating events like “scavenger hunts” with clues supplied via a QR code strategically placed throughout their website. The increase in traffic, time on site and page turns improves over SEO rankings on the most popular search engines.

Let us know how you have used QR codes to generate more business for your dealership!

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