Q1 2020 Car Sales Report: How Is The Industry Coping?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has undoubtedly shaken the automotive industry but to what extent? The 2020 Q1 car sales report is out so we can use data to evaluate how the industry and manufacturers are coping so far.

Below is a list of 20 best performers and their 2020 Q1 sales figures compared with the Q1 2019. There have been some major and even unexpected rearrangements. To begin with, Ram is back to its typical third-place spot. Ram managed to beat up the Silverado sales in 2019, but so far in 2020, it’s awarded a bronze medal. However, the Ram Pickup is among the only four models with an increase in sales, accompanied by the Silverado, RAV4, and GMC Sierra.

As for other rearrangements, compared to how the 20 most popular cars in the US in 2019 looked, Toyota Camry is up from the 8th to the 5th spot where the CR-V previously was. The Rouge is down from 6th to 10th place with the 36-percent sales decline, the biggest number in the list. Another surprising fact is that during the first quarter, Nissan Altima has seen more sales than the Honda Accord. The difference is only 222 items, but it still counts.

There are two newcomers in the top-20 of the Q1 2020 car sales report: Ford Explorer and Subaru Forester. The other two models: Nissan Sentra and Jeep Wrangler haven’t made it to the top 20.


Position Model Q1 2020 Q1 2019 % change
1 Ford F-series 186,562 214,611 -13.1
2 Chevrolet Silverado 143,698 114,313 25.7
3 Ram Pickup 128,805 120,026 7.3
4 Toyota RAV4 97,631 83,820 16.5
5 Toyota Camry 77,188 81,684 -5.5
6 Chevrolet Equinox 73,453 88,500 -17.0
7 Honda CR-V 71,186 87,280 -18.4
8 Toyota Corolla 69,214 78,606 -11.9
9 Honda Civic 63,944 78,185 -18.2
10 Nissan Rogue 59,716 93,81 -36.3
11 Ford Explorer 56,310 61,922 -9.1
12 Toyota Tacoma 53,636 58,183 -7.8
13 GMC Sierra 53,009 40,546 30.7
14 Jeep Grand Cherokee 50,083 57,749 -13.3
15 Ford Escape 48,117 60,702 -20.7
16 Toyota Highlander 47,890 52,621 -9.0
17 Nissan Altima 47,347 51,480 -8.0
18 Honda Accord 47,125 64,411 -26.8
19 Jeep Wrangler 39,668 49,978 -20.6
20 Subaru Forester 39,080 40,656 -3.9


Though data highlights the virus effect on the automotive industry, there are some real reasons for being optimistic about the future. Many dealerships have already switched to contactless vehicle sales and services that enable car buyers to shop entirely online with no physical contact involved.

This is a very defining moment for dealers that were previously reluctant to bring technological changes to their workflows and invest into digital solutions rather than into luxury showroom interior designs.

The severity of the pandemic impact will be more clear from the Q2 2020 car sales report which we will definitely publish in this blog, so stay tuned.

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