How Can Dealers Gain Google Trust?

How Can Dealers Gain Google Trust?

One of the main factors that influences your website ranking is Google trust. A young site has few chances to rank high because Google is suspicious to it. When crawling a brand new website Google spiders look at different aspects. The search engine considers the date when the resource was first indexed. The later the indexed date, the less trust Google lays on you. The website registration or release date are not important. Besides, Google trusts authoritative web resources and proper content. Quality links, well-written, unique and useful content are main features of the sites highly ranked by Google. So if you are a newcomer you have to wait until the search engine understands that you are trustworthy. How can you gain Google confidence and dominate in its search results?

In order to get high positions on Google search results page follow these recommendations:

  • Gain age. As Google trust comes with age do not give up if Google ranks you low for a long time. You can buy an earlier registered domain that hasn’t been used and get good results at once.
  • Focus on your content. Content is always a king. So provide high quality information on your website. Your content should give expert answers to users’ queries and be added on a regular basis. Make your content great not only on your website. Prepare qualitative presentations, answers to frequently asked questions, technical details, etc.
  • Struggle for quality. If you want to dominate in Google search results put quality of your content, links and whole website above quantity. Every time your website catches a user and keeps him staying on it for long Google receives a strong signal proving site’s quality. The more signals, the more trust.
  • Provide value and good size. Google controls websites not only for a quality content, but also for its size. Short texts that are less than 1,000 words can’t compete against the articles that give users much more than that. Google “likes” the content that has 2,000 words and more. But focus on the content quality. It’s a priority.
  • Monitor websites that link to your site. Don’t forget that resources that link to you are very important. Links from authoritative sites will help you gain Google trust. Low-quality links will make you lose it.
  • Be mobile-friendly. As mobile devices are the first things we grab in the morning and check up for thousands times during the day your website should be mobile-friendly. It must display your content correctly on laptops, smartphones, tablets as clearly as on PCs. Make your dealer website responsive or implement mobile version correctly. Google ranking will increase.

Autoxloo’s dealer websites comply with all Google requirements. Our software allows dealerships to make their sites responsive, user-, mobile- and SEO-friendly. With our tools your inventory and services can get high visibility, good traffic, real leads and conversions. Autoxloo gives you a good opportunity to dominate Google rankings in the search results list.

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