What Should Dealers Expect From Mobile-First Index By Google?

What Should Dealers Expect From Mobile-First Index By Google?

Not long ago we wrote about the responsive website and the mobile version. Recently this problem has been naturally solved with the Google innovation which is going to make a real boom in website rankings. With the continuous growth in the number of mobile Internet searches the Google team has decided to introduce a new index which is going to meet all users’ needs. This mobile index got a name Mobile-First. With its help Google will make the search maximum relevant for mobile gadget owners. But what does it mean for auto dealers? Will this index influence their websites much?

By crawling pages and web documents the mobile-first index now takes into account the features specific for mobile version only. Previously, when indexing websites Google search engines considered only PC page versions. With the new index the desktop version will make importance for Google ranking if the mobile one is absent.

So analyze your mobile website carefully. If it has less content than the desktop one you are in a risk zone to fall out of the Google ranking. Why? Let’s have a look.

Note the following general mobile-first index features which will influence your dealer website:

  • Nothing will be ignored. Good news! Ignoring the content hidden in the tabs is not about the mobile-first. From now on the “sealed” content will be ranked together with the visible one. The desktop index used to give a little importance to such information or didn’t take it into account at all. So take care of the information, vehicle specifications, pictures, etc. you keep in your tabs.
  • Website ranking will be based on mobile version. By analyzing the website pages with the new mobile-first index, Google will build the SERP and take into account the data received from the mobile website only. This information will affect the positions of the website mobile and desktop versions in the search listings.
  • The mobile-first will be a universal index. Google refuses to use two indexing variants: separately for mobile and desktop users. When ranking the pages on smartphones and personal computers only the data of mobile search index will be considered. But the desktop index will still be working because the testing period remains in force. Google will remove it when the mobile index proves to make success.
  • Inconsistency in website versions will filter you out. The content available on the desktop website, but absent on mobile pages will not be ranked with the new index. It’s because for the mobile-first only the website version designed for smartphones will have weight. Google and other search engine systems love websites for their content. If your content is ranked according to particular keywords which are absent on the mobile version you will disappear from the search engine results by these keywords. So take care of the content identity on both desktop and mobile versions.
  • The content not optimized for mobile devices will get lesser weight. This situation is determined by the mobile-friendly algorithm. After crawling the website it gives weight only to the pages filled with the content which is good for viewing from mobile devices. Such websites go up in Google search results. With the mobile-first index they will keep their first positions in the mobile and desktop versions. The mobile-friendly algorithm will keep on functioning on the current basis.

A new mobile-first index should not have much influence on the present state of things for you in Google rankings if you follow the recommendations mentioned above. Autoxloo in its turn offers you an excellent solution for your dealer website – responsive web design. Responsiveness as a key feature of such progressive web resources ensures their compatibility with the devices of any kind and format from a PC to the latest mobile devices. Responsiveness makes a website squeeze and extend fitting right the display resolution of any mobile device with no content loss. We achieve high results and top quality with all our products and services. Our specialists will help you make the right decision.

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