Christmas Marketing Tips For Dealers

Christmas Marketing Tips For Dealers

Christmas and New Year… A unique and magical time is coming when buyers are willing to spend impressive amounts of money on purchases and gifts. Is your dealership ready for this? What will be your Christmas marketing actions to attract more customers to your location, generate their loyalty, and leave your competitors miles behind?

To get a huge increase in sales and a big inflow of visitors you need to be prepared and plan your activities very thoroughly in advance. Autoxloo will help you be the best and the first. Follow our simple tips and have a great time!

  • Decorate your dealership Christmassy. The dealership’s appeal and magnetism starts with its front window. If it has nothing to attract people they will remain just passers by. That is why on Christmas holidays it is so important to make your front windows breathe with a festive Christmas mood enticing customers to come inside. By the way, in the pre-holiday period the stores and supermarkets “go outside” to their buyers. The main performance takes place in front of the store where the Christmas tree is displayed and Santa Claus invites people to the store for shopping. Why not to use this trick for your dealership? You can also set the chutes and amusement rides on your territory. You can easily create a festive mood in your showroom with a few simple techniques:
    • general design: Christmas garlands, toys, ornaments, posters and banners;
    • vehicle decoration: snowflakes, fir branches, Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts;
    • price stickers, coupons with Christmas design on discounted cars;
    • Christmas elements in the staff’s uniform: Christmas-tree spangles, Santa’s hats, beards, etc.;
    • New Year / Christmas music;
    • Christmas compositions in the front windows, at the entrance to the showroom and in the overcrowded places: Santa Claus’s doll, deer and sleigh, a Christmas tree with toys, gifts, artificial snow, etc.
  • Send SMS, email notifications and invitations. Remind your customers of your existence, your Christmas services, promos, discounts, and bonuses. Write catchy headlines and texts like “a new Bentley is the best Christmas present for your sweetheart” or “make this Christmas unforgettable for her with Alfa Romeo 4C Spider”. Tell about the holiday benefits for your clients. Make your subscribers not only read and think, but come to your dealership and buy.
  • Be active in the social networks. Tell about your dealership, vehicles and services everywhere and anytime! Especially on Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Post your attractive offers, provide beautiful and funny Christmas videos and photos, communicate a lot with your followers and fans, create thematic chats, questionnaires, quizes, etc. And thank, thank, thank your customers millions of times. This will allow you to create a perfect, positive and favorable image of your dealership and thus unchallenged reputation.
  • Keep your inventory all set. Pre-planned effective reserves as well as the stock of “top position” vehicles are obligatory for good Christmas sales. Also, the presence of the New Year’s makes and models in your dealership will create a festive mood. Select the New Year’s cars according to your customers’ tastes. Besides, try to present something new and unusual – something that you didn’t have the previous year and something that your competitors surely don’t have.
  • Position your inventory specifically. On Christmas and New Year’s holidays your dealership will need more space to allocate special inventory and goods, such as gifts, souvenirs, toys and Christmas decorations. Position your cars and decor specifically to give your dealership a festive, beautiful and special look. The customers will appreciate and remember it.
  • Make Christmas promotions. On holidays promos stimulate sales a lot by using such methods as discounts, gifts and additional services. Try to leverage discounts and gifts with an original idea. This will stand you out from your competitors’ actions. Thus, simple bonuses and discounts will attract your buyers’ attention due to their unusual form of advertising message. For example, a 40% discount on Infiniti will be given for the best Christmas and New Year wish / song/ poem.

    As for additional services, you can put into practice thousands of ideas which are not realized in everyday life, such as:

    • Free Christmas package. It creates additional positive emotions, and stimulates additional sales. This method achieves another goal – improves customers’ loyalty. Customers who were helped are aware that this dealership cares for them, and they will respect it even more.
    • Free shipping. This service will give you lots of grateful customers.
    • Additional unexpected gifts. It can be anything. A car repair, spare parts, diagnostics, etc.
  • Provide the training for your staff. To prepare the staff for a “holiday boom” is perhaps the most important thing in the total preparation. With the increase of visitors in your showroom the role of your personnel increases significantly. The buyers always need the expert advice, tips, and other assistance. So allow some time to train your managers and build the work strategy on Christmas and New Year holidays. There is a popular practice to recruit new sellers or assistants two months before the expected peak in the trade on a temporary or permanent basis. During this time they learn the inventory, the work specifics, the style of working with clients. Also don’t forget to motivate your sellers during the holidays.
  • Optimize your dealership’s working hours. On holidays provide the optimal work hours to distribute visitors’ flow and capture more customers. It’s reasonable to extend the working time in the evening, and perhaps to open the dealership a little earlier. So the people who start work early and finish late into the night could take part in the sale. It is also important to prepare the dealership technically: coffee, tea, sofas, etc.

This list can be continued to many-many pages on. But the main idea is that you can generate and realize hundreds of Christmas ideas for your dealer business by yourself. As for the website appeal, Autoxloo will help you with it. We know how to attract customers not only on the festive days. Our tools and services related to SEO, reputation, consulting, posting, responsive websites, analytics, marketing tools, eCommerce, vehicle inspection, video streaming, and many more were developed especially for dealers and their clients. We provide our customers not only with the top quality software and services, but also with the confidence in their strength and success.

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