Auction Streaming Has Added the New IN-APP Bidder Module to SimCasts™ Automotive App

Auction Streaming, the pioneering auto auction software provider in cooperation with Autoxloo Dealer Management Solutions has recently added the IN-APP Bidder module to already broad functionality of their SimCasts™ Mobile Dashboard automotive app. The IN-APP Bidder module is powered by the advanced technology that enables dealers to remotely navigate between the lanes setting proxies and placing bids. Auction Streaming Has Added the New IN-APP Bidder Module to SimCasts™ Automotive App With IN-APP Bidder, independent auctions are seeing their participation rates skyrocket as dealers can now have a 360-degree view of the entire auction from their mobile devices while being at any location on the planet. This ability provides deeper engagement with an auction and increased competition for each vehicle while reducing the workload on the block clerk and auctioneer.

As to dealers, they are amazed by the IN-APP Bidder module extended functionality and features. This innovative auto auction software helps dealers to cut the time they spend searching for the right vehicles, to focus only on specific vehicles of interest and always stay informed about what’s going on across the lanes without the need to physically participate in the sale event.

Time-To-Block time management with alert is one of the most valued features of the IN-APP Bidder module as it ensures buyers never miss a vehicle purchase since they are notified about the time remained to block for every vehicle they are interested in buying.

Independent auctions value the Auction Streaming’s software suite as a whole and SimCasts™ Mobile Dashboard car dealer app in particular as its cutting-edge functionality affords them to turn their inventories quicker, cut holding costs and depreciation, and use the savings to accept lower bids and reduce fees thereby attract even more dealers to their lanes.

SimCasts™ Mobile Dashboard significantly simplifies the dealers’ lives allowing the auction that incorporates this automotive app to bring more value to their clients. The mobile access to the auction via the IN-APP Bidder module frees dealers from the inconveniences of travelling to the auction site and spending a day inhaling exhaust fumes and empowers them to simultaneously bid for vehicles that are being auctioned on different lanes using their mobile devices only.

As the industry is going through a major change in the way the vehicles are bought and sold, technology-powered auctions attract more dealers as they allow the latter ones to remotely restock their inventories while staying with their businesses.

One of the common apprehensions that often surrounds buying vehicles online is the inability to inspect them prior to the purchase. The Auction Streaming’s VIR™ Vehicle Condition Report takes this weight up off the dealers’ shoulders. The astonishing level of detail with VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report completely cuts the risks of buying remotely as online dealers see vehicles that have been thoroughly appraised and graded from 1 to 5 (from 5 to 1 in the British version of the app). The VIR™- powered auctions can style themselves as the guarantors of transparency and put dealers at ease.

The IN-APP Bidder module main features:

  • Simultaneous multi lane participation and bidding for more engaging buyer experience
  • Real-time access to live bidding or entering a proxy bid on any vehicle at any time during the event for receiving more bids from the online audience
  • SWIPE methodology for instant bidding
  • Time-To-Block time management with alert for tracking all the vehicles of interest
  • Instant Run List updates and vehicle history status for keeping the buyer informed
  • Pop-up notifications in the App for instant reply encouragement
  • Highly-interactive display and Enhanced User interface for deeper involvement with your auction

The IN-APP Bidder module allows auctions to embrace opportunities the used-vehicle sales environment holds and thrive despite the challenging market conditions. This module is available only through the Auction Streaming SimCasts™ Mobile Dashboard car dealer app.

Auction Streaming has been widely known for coursing through the uncharted roads with their innovative auto auction software. The company’s goal is to continue raising the bar for the auction owners, dealers, buyers and sellers, and the entire auto remarketing industry.

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