A.I. Auctioneer: Charisma Combined With Machine Intelligence

Welcome our new revolutionary auction management software developed to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation between auto auctions and dealers: Artificially Intelligent Auctioneer.

Software that Brings Tremendous Savings

The auctioneer plays a key role in orchestrating the sale event and keeping the right pace of an auction while creating an urgency of the moment and getting people engaged in bidding. However, hiring this kind of musician can cost an auction owner a lot of money.

The services of a professional auctioneer can be up to $1,500 per lane per event. For a four-lane event that happens once a week, the monthly cost can be up to $24,000.

At Auction Streaming, we have turned our decades of experience into auction management software that allows the auction owners to reduce or even eliminate the costs involved. Meet our revolutionary human-like A.I. Auctioneer that combines the real person’s charisma with machine intelligence. Auction Management Software

How it Works

Once the auction starts, the A.I. Auctioneer goes through the range of bids set by the bidders, whether online or in-lane. The system will determine which vehicles get the highest number of bids and which are stalled. Vehicles in high demand and frequent bidders will be extended for higher sales results and lower participation or stalled vehicles will be rapidly closed out or set to re-run later in the day.

Throughout the process, the A.I. Auctioneer will call for bidders to maintain the rhythm and encourage people to participate.

The system will monitor the timing between the actual bidding and will adapt its chant to the pace of the auction. Similar to what a traditional auctioneer does, the A.I. Auctioneer decides what message to give out and how fast to give it depending on the response time and the increments.

Our system is capable of conducting the sale event as smoothly as the traditional qualified auctioneer would do, only much more cost-effective. The A.I. Auctioneer significantly reduces the human-related mistakes and unplanned downtime during an auction.

The Benefits for Auctions:

  • Fast: A sequence of logic instructions that happen in milliseconds
  • Cost-effective: the replacement for an auctioneer that will reduce auction labor
  • Predictive: all possible auction scenarios are within the A.I. Auctioneer’s database
  • Multilingual and Bigender: can be customized for any specific audience
  • Human-like: the auctioneer personality added to a computer
  • Tireless: the machine rarely needs a break

Our auction management software drives the industry forward and facilitates the process of buying and selling vehicles both at the physical auctions and online.

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