Vehicle Inspection Report™ Enables Change and Progress For Dealers

The Rising Demand for Vehicle Inspection Software

Vehicle Inspection Report Enables Change and Progress For Dealers As the automotive industry is witnessing a lot of changes in customers’ behavior, it’s getting clearer that you can’t win today’s car buyers with yesterday’s tools.

With every lineup, vehicles are getting more complex creating the need for sellers to review how they are presenting their inventory online. People don’t buy vehicles to bring them back but to take them home and make a room for a new family member in a garage. Prior to this, car buyers want to know exactly what to expect from the new relationships (especially with a used car).

Considering the level of the equipment and options of modern cars, dealers are required to provide much deeper information into the vehicle condition than before. Falling short of tools buyers need to thoroughly evaluate the vehicle condition online can result in plummeting sales and the customer retention rate.

Luckily, there is a vehicle inspection software that allows online buyers to inspect dealer’s inventory earlier in the process, get acquainted with all the imperfections and make an informed decision about the vehicle they want to buy.

Not long ago, the visit to a physical showroom was unavoidable thus the reach of a dealership was strictly limited to local buyers. With the addition of online vehicle condition reports, car shoppers became empowered to buy vehicles outside of their local market. It’s a great opportunity for dealers to expand their reach and invite online buyers to their lots. The ultimate enabler of this change is reliable and cutting-edge vehicle inspection software.

VIR™ Helps Dealers Meet the Needs of Today’s Buyers

If you want to do more business in 2020, the necessity of having vehicle inspection software in place is evident and undeniable.

At Autoxloo, we are continually putting a lot of effort into creating innovations that will streamline the process of buying and selling vehicles online. Our VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report is a tool your dealership needs for a transparent valuation of the inventory. We developed this product to help dealers facilitate a trusted exchange and manage the process of selling vehicles to remote audiences.

When it comes to buying used cars, the highest level of accuracy in creating vehicle condition reports is required to make online buyers feel confident about purchasing from you. A good car condition report should not only meet but exceed the physical experience buyers would have inspecting a vehicle themselves at your lot.

With VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report, the online buyers are able to check the vehicle documentation, mileage, provenance, accessories, equipment, interior, exterior, overall frame, engine, transmission, electrical and exhaust systems, brakes, axles, tires, etc. Any damages are recorded with corresponding images and grades to completely take the guesswork out of the buying process.

The VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report goes far beyond a box-ticking exercise, it’s a comprehensive and detailed vehicle evaluation that starts with putting a VIN number in and ends with a vehicle driving off your lot to a customer 500 miles away who had access to critical information via their smartphone.

More Benefits of VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report

With VIR™, you will attract online buyers to your forecourt as they would definitely appreciate the tool that allows them to prevent unexpected costly repairs and unnecessary transportation costs.

Your local community will also welcome this innovation as it will enable them to save a lot of time inspecting vehicles in person. Having a digital, minutely-detailed car condition report for every vehicle will allow closing the deal much faster and will show auto shoppers who decided to pay a visit to your lot that you value their time and invest money into saving it for them.

It’s not only your dealership website where VIR™ can be utilized. Post your inventory to the top online auto marketplaces and classified websites with vehicle inspection reports attached and instantly increase views, leads, and sales!

Check out the demo video of our VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report. Contact us with any questions you have regarding the functionality of the app, how it works, or how it can improve the bottom line of your business.

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