We Made The Impossible a Reality at Used Car Week 2019!

Auction Streaming's Success at Used Car Week 2019 At Auction Streaming, we would like to thank everyone who was able to swing by our booth during the Used Car Week 2019 at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas on 11-15 of November. It was a pleasure meeting each of you, talking about the everyday challenges that your business is facing and demonstrating the long-awaited solutions.

In today’s auto remarketing industry, there is an enormous demand for better ways of handling repetitive day-to-day tasks and operations. When non-automated, such processes consume time and resources and prevent businesses from growing making it almost impossible to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

The AMS and DMS management solutions that we have been successfully developing and implementing for the past 15 years coupled with the newly released A.I. – powered products are able to completely meet this current industry demand.

The 11 interconnected modules and features of our innovative CAMS-IIITM Unified Auction Management Solutions and over 36 products and services of our Autoxloo Dealer Management Systems empower our customers to eliminate menial repetitive tasks and bridge bi-directional wholesale to retail remarketing vehicle migration to better serve their customers, drive improvements, progress, and savings.

At the show, most of the visitors that our online auction software suite has been introduced to were amazed by the leading-edge technology and its potential to make innovations more efficient for less cost. We appreciate all of the positive feedback and look forward to providing more game-changing AMS and DMS solutions for our customers.

Auction Streaming’s Innovations

This year we have been anticipating exhibiting at the Used Car Week 2019 as we have developed a range of innovative auction management solutions to unveil during the show:

A.I. Auctioneer

Our tireless alternative to a human auctioneer powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. The A.I. Auctioneer software changes the way auctions interact with their buyers eventually substituting an auctioneer and ringman for tremendous savings.

In-App Bidder

At Auction Streaming, we are developing towards improving the auction experience for both auction owners and participants. The In-App Bidder module is mobile bidding software that puts an end to standing in lanes for hours inhaling fumes as we offer bidders a much better option for monitoring vehicles that they have an eye on. With In-App Bidder, buyers can have a detailed 360-view of the auction lanes right on the screen of their mobile devices, place bids, set proxies, monitor upcoming vehicles, receive notifications, and participate simultaneously in multiple channels all from any location on the planet.


Auction-On-Wheels is a fully-mobile on-site auction platform for conducting the sale events at any given location bypassing the expenses related to brick-and-mortar auction facilities.

We Are Making The Impossible A Reality!

Auction Streaming Success at Used Car Week

The Used Car Week 2019 was a huge success for the Auction Streaming’s team. Our auto auction software is raising the bar for the entire auto remarketing industry enabling our customers to take their businesses from local to regional, national, and global and gain a market share that hasn’t been attainable before.

Contact us here or at the Auction Streaming website if you want to streamline your daily operations while reducing headcount, attract more customers to your auction or dealership and sell more vehicles online to buyers from any country, city, or location worldwide.

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