What Car To Buy My Teen?

What Car To Buy My Teen?

After looking over the cars released for 2010 and 2011, there is one car that stands out for younger crowds that will make your teen happy, along with your conscience and wallet. The KIA Soul is a great value and although it is not a Porsche full of power, it has a lot of standard features for your teen to get excited about. Using Autoxloo’s Vehicle Showcase Tools you can show off the features that the teens and the parents will want.

It has 3 months of Sirius radio for free; it has an USB connection for a mp3 player. The back seats are roomy and can store just about anything. With a small car it makes it a lot easier to limit the amount of people that get in, as well as makes it a lot easier to park. For those parents who are worried about the fact that it is a smaller vehicle, the KIA soul was rated as a top pick for safety.

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