Offsite Optimization for Your Dealer Website

Offsite Optimization for Your Dealer Website

Previously we wrote how to make the onsite optimization correctly and by this to increase your online presence. When it is done properly, the website is available on the Internet and is indexed by the search engine robots, you can go to the next Search Engine Optimization (SEO) level, offsite optimization. As the name says, the offsite optimization concerns everything that lies outside the website. It is more difficult to influence the offsite parameters than the issues that may appear by onsite optimization. So what should dealers know about offsite optimization to promote their websites right?

The onsite optimization covers all the smallest details which are present on your website and which signal the search engines about your site’s existence. These details are all the content on a website, tags, user interface and design, keywords, website’s loading time, internal links and navigation, etc.

Offsite optimization, on the contrary, implies all the marketing techniques, as well as the link building methods that are used outside the web resource. Offsite optimization includes the following:

  • Competitive analysis;
  • Link building strategies, backlinks and inbound links;
  • Press releases and articles that contain links to the website;
  • Posts in social media;
  • Keyword analysis;
  • Comments and links on other sites, blogs and forums;
  • Optimized videos, placed in social networks;
  • RSS feeds;
  • Paid campaigns by keywords.

By offsite optimization the following aspects are essential and should be taken into account:

  1. The number of websites that have a link to your site. The more links lead to you, the better. However, some people try to improve this indicator by setting links from internal pages to the main webpage. But you won’t achieve desired results by interlinking because the search engines include such a factor as the IP address. Otherwise, you could make a website with 1000 pages and set 1000 links from them to the main page. For the same reason, links from the “mirror” sites are not considered at all.
  2. What resources link to your site. By offsite optimization you should pay attention to the topics of the websites that have a link to you. So if you deal with vehicles, a link to your dealer website in the text on the high fashion week resource will have a reverse effect and your website’s ranking will decrease. It is very important to get links from relevant sites, or at least resources with overlapping topics.
  3. The pages that have a link to your website. By offsite optimization it’s important to pay attention to the webpage that links to you. It’s great if this is the main page. It’s excellent if the page name contains the keywords that fit you. It’s an ideal case when these parameters meet.
  4. The anchor text of the links. The anchor text refers to the words placed in the link to your website. By offsite optimization the anchor text must have a main keyword. E.g. if one of the keyword phrases on your website is “best used SUVs”, the anchor text must be “best used SUVs”, but not “best dealer website”.
  5. The total number and type of the links on the websites that link to you. An important parameter by the offsite optimization is a total amount of outbound links. The less their number is, the more valuable link from such a resource will be and the greater impact it will have on your PageRank.

To optimize your dealer website properly you need to use the both optimization types, onsite and offsite. First of all, you should focus on your onsite presence, then develop your content marketing or offsite optimization in other words, and after that you can go to the offsite strategies and develop link building techniques that will be successful. Autoxloo is a leading SEO expert on the market of software solutions for the automotive industry. We provide high quality SEO services on onsite and offsite optimization for dealerships. We use the latest proven methods and tools to achieve the best results in positioning dealer websites locally and increasing their conversions and sales.

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