Main Features of Car Dealer Website

Main Features of Car Dealer Website

If you want to create a new dealer website or update an old one, choose responsive web design. It allows to make webpages available for any device resolutions. Laptops, smartphones and tablets will display your content the way you see it on your PC. Google search robots “love” responsive websites because they match Google’s main requirements for user-friendliness and simplicity of use. It is especially essential after the Mobile-first index was launched by Google at the beginning of 2017. But responsive web design is not the only thing that dealers should pay their attention to. What other features do you need to have to show your website to the world? What site items will make your online showroom effective?

If you are not sure what exactly you want on your site, take a look at the following features that are peculiar to dealer websites. They surely will help you find the best solutions for your specific business needs.

  • Customization. You need to have a full control over all features and functions in your administrator panel. Your dealer website should be fully customizable allowing you any changes in website look without external management or help.
  • Top Ranking. If your website is not properly indexed with the search engines and its presence is very little you have few chances for good conversion rates. Select such Content Management System that is easy optimizable for Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Navigation. A good sitemap, logical website structure and convenient navigation tool are essential. The information in one click as well as an easy access to your data will save you and your visitors the precious time.
  • CRM. Lead management must be an obligatory instrument in your business workflow if you want to expand your client’s base. One of its tools is the Customer Relationship Management system. Through CRM it is easily to schedule all meetings and calls, follow up emails, process documents and many more.
  • Map Directions. By using the latest relevant Google Maps version your website visitors won’t need to search for your dealership location on the Internet. So its advantages are obvious.
  • Promotions. You will surely need eye-catching banner ads, slideshows and multimedia tools to mark online your vehicle inventory and present it properly. Such tools will make your website bright, and colorful.
  • Featured Listings. The featured listings allow you to place all the inventory that you selected for promotion on your homepage. This feature will help you attract more customers to your vehicles, and provide the necessary information about your inventory.
  • Social Network Bars. The synchronization with social media is the easiest way to expand the coverage of your content. It provides traffic, presents your brand to the public and converts shoppers into buyers quickly and easily.
  • Testimonials. A page with customers’ testimonials and reviews on your dealer website is the “must have” element of the online presence. It is a reliable social proof of your quality, service and reputation. Reviews from your clients will advertise you the best, raise your self-concept and give confidence to those potential customers who have some doubts about working with you.
  • Data Security and stability. You will also need “invisible” tools for the most effective website performance. Real-time analytics, data security and control are the features that will analyze your website efficiency, protect your data and optimize your content for the search engines.

So website building is not an easy task. It requires so much patience, time, skills and technical support. You may imagine it one way but the results may be absolutely different. To make sure the website’s functional is configured correctly, you should contact professionals. The features for car dealer sites listed above will allow you to achieve the results you need and want. Autoxloo will deliver you highly professional services on dealer website creation, deployment and support. Our software solutions empower you to build a strong, and effective online dealership.

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