Google Posts for Dealerships

  Google Posts For Dealerships

Recently Google rolled out a feature that could have a huge impact on your dealership listing in the local search. It’s the Google Posts. The usefulness of this feature is available for every enterprise that has verified Google My Business (GMB) account.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a high time to reap the benefits of this innovation. This article will provide you with the key information about what Google Posts exactly are, and how you as a dealer can benefit using them.

What is the Google Posts?

Google Posts is the separate Google feature. These Posts are the snippets of information about your business displayed on local panel on Google search and on Google Maps. For you it is the way to share the content about your dealership with the customers who are looking for new or used vehicles to buy or for repair services nearby. These Posts are similar to updating your Facebook page, but instead of being shown in the news feed, Google Posts are shown directly in the local search results. Doesn’t it look like the feature you want to try?

What to post?

Google Posts let you publish the content you want to share with your customers.

  • Text. You are able to add text – up to 300 words. It can be the short description of what you offer. Be aware that only first 100 characters is shown in the Knowledge Panel. Make sure your sentence will not be cropped.
  • Multimedia. To make your Post look more appealing and eye-catching you can use vehicle images and videos – a great opportunity to stand out and attract more eyeballs to your dealership. Note that images must be 400×300 or larger, the best size is 750×750. Choose the centered images of good quality.
  • Call-to-action buttons (CTA). Another great thing about Google Posts is that you can add call-to-action buttons (CTA) there. Place CTA like “Learn more”, “Reserve”, “Sign up”, “Buy” or “Get offer” and link it to the registration form, website, blog or any places you want to take your customers to.

You can include in your Posts:

  • Events. You can tell people that there will be a huge exhibition of retro cars at your dealership next week, or that you throw a huge sale tomorrow that will last only 24 hours. You can set a date range to heat the customers interest. Such posts will disappear only after the event day passes.
  • Offers/discounts. The information about coupons, rebates and other incentives can be included in Google Posts as well. Everything that can catch customers attention and make them want to choose you among the list.
  • Product updates. New inventory, unique services offered only by your dealership – why don’t you tell the world about it in your Google Posts?
  • Announcements. The holiday is coming and you have decided to change your working hours. Let people know about it via Google Post.

How to post?

Just log into your Google My Business account and click on “Posts” on the left hand side menu.

How will people see my Posts?

If someone is searching for the dealerships nearby, your Google Posts will be seen within Google’s Local Finder.

Do Google Posts impact rankings?

There is no direct correlation between the Google Posts and rankings so far. You absolutely don’t need to shove a bunch of keywords into your post. What is established for sure, that Google is looking at the engagement on both: your website and your Google listing. So, by using Google Posts, more people will engage with your listing and as a direct result you can increase your rankings.

What about Analytics?

The number of views is seen inside the Google My Business dashboard. Google Posts don’t integrate naturally with Google Analytics. To have more detailed insight about your Google Post performance add the UTM codes to your Posts.

How long the Google Posts last?

The Google Posts last only 7 days or in case of events they disappear after the event date has passed. In this way you update your listing regularly with timely content.


Google Posts is a very helpful free feature to help you improve the Click-through rate (CTR) and local rankings as well. And it’s new, many of your competitors don’t know about it yet, but you now know about this great and easy way to promote your dealership. With the help of the Google you can stand out, and choose the way and form you want to connect with your customers.

Google Posts are great but posting them takes time. We know how busy you are, so Autoxloo offers you its assistance. We will set this feature up for you and will publish posts on a regular basis on behalf of your dealership. Contact us to get started.

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