5 Reasons Why Dealers Need LinkedIn

5 Reasons Why Dealers Need LinkedIn

Dealers are constantly looking for the new ways to widen their network. Events, conferences, exhibitions, workshops – everything that can help them establish useful connections. But what if there was a place where all the partners, employees, and prospective customers were gathered online? If you could see their contacts and they could see yours. We assume, you have already guessed that this place is LinkedIn. It represents real-world professional relationships online.

Here are 5 reasons why LinkedIn involvement improves your dealership marketing.

  1. It is not just a network

    Regular social networks serve mostly for entertainment and amusement, many people want to distract themselves with tons of selfies, puppies and food photos. LinkedIn is different. As a business-oriented networking service, LinkedIn provides users with various insights into different business-related topics.

    LinkedIn members don’t abide by the “more is better” rule. Instead, the connections between people are highly selective. Unlike other social networks, there are no teenagers exchanging memes on LinkedIn.

    Your dealership can benefit from this: only highly relevant followers, interested in your products and services will be engaged.

    What else differs LinkedIn from, for example, Facebook, is that visitors there are not pelted by the enormous amount of ads.

  2. It displays who you are and what you do

    Brand awareness – the value every dealer wants to increase continually and LinkedIn is a vital ingredient in the recipe. It helps you to share your content to the larger related audience. Your profile shows who you are and what your expertise is. Tell about yourself as much as you can, mention the recent events you have joined, add your products and services in a LinkedIn company page, reinforce it with the video materials or testimonials.

    Another tip for you: post long-form content on LinkedIn publishing platform to provide your subscribers with the fullest insights within the LinkedIn itself. A lot of automotive topics can’t be covered within 300 words. Tutorials like ‘How to protect the vehicle from flood’ or ‘How to change tires by yourself’ require long-form content. Feel free to publish posts, containing 1000+ words. Aside from being rewarded by search engines – they like long content, you’ll engage more readers who can become customers.

  3. Customers can recommend you to others

    You can write a novel on your website about how great your dealership is (and there is no harm in that, always believe in your product), but nothing can сompete with the recommendations and reviews from live persons.

    Ask for the LinkedIn feedback every time you sell a vehicle. People tend to perceive such testimonials as more reliable than faceless reviews from John Smith on your website.

  4. It connects you with customers

    Business people don’t do anything purposeless. Every action you take have its goal. What is the main goal you want to achieve? Engage more customers, right? Professional networking website with 467 million users worldwide can bring it to you. There is a certain reason why founders put the word ‘linked’ in the title: LinkedIn provides you with the engagement – the most valuable commodity you can look for.

    Just manage your profile, sell cars and one day you’ll receive the message on LinkedIn: “Hello, my name is Mike. Bill bought a car from you, and he recommended me your dealership, can we discuss some details?”

  5. LinkedIn shows updates

    LinkedIn’s list of advantages goes on. People frequently change their email addresses and contact numbers. Let the LinkedIn be some sort of CRM for you, because even when your customers change their contacts, you will still be connected with them through this social network and you will be updated with their new contact data.

The Final word

LinkedIn is not just another social network where you need to wade through the tons of unnecessary information. It’s a place to talk business, rub elbows and exchange cards. It is an additional marketing avenue for every dealership, which allows you to showcase your inventory, publish content, announce customer events, and advertise promotions to a relevant audience.

Autoxloo will be pleased to help you manage your LinkedIn profile to gain the maximum benefits from this social platform.

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