AutoXloo helps dealers leverage the Internet

AutoXloo helps dealers leverage the Internet

The Internet breaks the boundaries of a traditional dealership being defined by geography. Ignoring this reality can result in your efforts being marginalized locally. I’m often surprised that dealerships do not put more effort into trying different things online. Recognizing that some things will work, and others won’t, the beauty of the Internet is that it greatly lowers the risk of failure. And even if you try something that doesn’t work, the Internet also lowers the cost of any failure.

And the flip side is, there are many success stories on the Internet. Having easy access to a national or international market, allows dealerships to do things on the Internet which would not be successful locally. There are dealerships who have eBay auctions down to an art, providing detailed information to buyers so they are comfortable completing the transaction even if they are thousands of miles away. Online car listings are easy and ubiquitous, and there are many free sites available to dealerships including Google Base, oodle and VAST.

Your dealer website provides a springboard to a whole new world of Internet marketing for car dealers. We invite you to take a look at the different tools that we offer to increase your online presence.

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