Are You Watching Your Rear View?

Are You Watching Your Rear View?

Driving a large SUV or Truck in America is very common. Unfortunately, so is injuring or even killing a child or elderly due to backing up such a large vehicle. These large vehicles have horrible blind spots that make small children far too easy to disappear behind the vehicle. Marketing safety and making sure that every family has this technology as soon as possible is something you may want to look into. Using Autoxloo’s “etch-a-word” technology you can make sure you can edit and showcase the features on the car that you want to highlight.

Over the last year the government has been working on changing a few laws to make automakers have a rear view camera on the vehicle. This is going to increase the cost of the vehicle in not only the SUV and Trucks but eventually all automobiles. Most people would say that this extra cost to save a life is well worth it. A few vehicles today have the option of the camera or even a back up detector to help with the issue but within the next few years it will have to be standard on all new vehicles. Over the next few years these cars are more than likely going to boom in sales because of the features that will be standard. Getting a jump on the market is always important. Using Autoxloo’s Market IQ , you can get ahead by using its information to make sure your price is set based on features, miles, and condition.

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