14 Tips for Offline And Online Marketing at Low Budget for Dealers

14 Tips for Offline And Online Marketing at Low Budget for Dealers

If your dealer business is small or you are making the first steps in selling vehicles, you may be limited in your budget and can’t afford big marketing campaigns. But it’s not a reason to give your competitors a chance to win. A limited cash does not mean that you should forget about advertising. And it’s not about promoting your dealership in social networks. There are lots of other options available to companies with scarce funds. So how to attract customers without spending much on Internet Marketing? What ways of capturing clients are effective at a low budget?

Do not give up if your money is tight for large-scale marketing campaigns. Even a small budget is not a barrier for your brand promotion. Here are some useful techniques for offline marketing that will help you build a client base without big investments:

  1. Prepare a brief presentation and be ready to present it to a potential client. Have you heard of Elevator Pitch? It’s a speech in the elevator. You tell about your business and vehicles to a potential buyer within the time you go up or down in the elevator. It is about 1 minute long. Besides, you should present it so that your listener would show interest. Your speech should be short, interesting, informative and inspiring. Your goal is to make him want to buy your car. As a suggestion, practice it in front of the mirror.
  2. Pay attention to people around you. If your dealership is not big, your customers are most likely to live in the neighborhood. So draw their attention. Do volunteering, cooperate with the local charity organizations, get involved in social events, distribute your business cards and leaflets. Use every opportunity to “show up” on a large scale as well as on a local level.
  3. Cooperate with local businesses. Find such nearby businesses, not competitors, that could benefit from cooperation with you, and you – by cooperating with them. Establish contacts, discuss your mutual cooperation. Thus, you will build good relationships with useful people and extend your client base.
  4. Participate in public events. Making speeches at conferences, forums and other events, both automotive and thematic, will help you distribute the information about your business. You can act as an expert in some issues, share your business story, experience, etc. Do not wait until people notice and invite you, show the initiative. Be socially active.
  5. Ask your clients to advise you. Someone may feel uncomfortable and shy to do this, but if your customers like you, then why can’t they advise you to their friends and acquaintances? And there is nothing wrong with that, if you remind them about it. In exchange you can give your customers good discount coupons.
  6. Build excellent relations with your clients. Keeping existing buyers is easier than finding new ones. Take time to establish strong relationships with your satisfied customers, give them a reason to return to your location. They must feel that they can trust you, and your dealership exists for them. Be ready for communication, provide the highest quality of your vehicles and after-sales service.
  7. Offer discounts, bonuses, and special offers. Give promotional gifts to your buyers. It will help you attract new customers and keep them. All people want to have that satisfying feeling that they saved money and made a very good purchase. Let them feel it.

Your online activity should be dynamic as well. Here are some tips for online marketing at low costs:

  1. Keep a blog, send newsletters, post articles on websites. It’s an important source of customers. It can be less effective the first year, but further on it will be definitely one of your main tools. The more your online presence is, the better.
  2. Be active in social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube can promote your business greatly. Post your articles, photos, news, interesting facts, short statements there, start discussions and answer questions. All your publications should be top quality posts, no matter, they are pictures or just words. People take into account everything, especially small details.
  3. Post your interview. Interviews really work. Leads come from the sites where they are published. So if you are offered an interview even for a blog that is not very popular, you’d better agree. It won’t be odd.
  4. Provide articles in online periodicals. It’s not a waste of time and money to show up in popular third-party online periodicals. It increases your online presence. So provide the information about your dealership and vehicles in guest posts on blogs and in online magazines on the automotive topic. You can also create your own E-magazine and distribute it not only online, but in a printed format as well.
  5. Ask for testimonials. It works great. But you need to encourage your customers. Send them discount coupons, certificates for repeated services, etc. which they can share with their friends. If you do this regularly, there will be more repeated conversions and sales. Basically from your current customers’ acquaintances.
  6. Make a mutual promo. You advertise a company, and in return it advertises you. Or you can arrange a promotion together. So put the leaflets of a restaurant, laundry or delivery service in a place where your visitors can see them. It can be a mutual advertising on blogs or directly on the websites. It depends a lot on the company-partner. So consider your decision and choice.
  7. Keep your customers. You can work on keeping your website visitors with newsletters or cooperate with them directly. Remind about you after a while because some customers can “wake up” and make a purchase. Show your interest to potential clients who went by. Sometimes they are not very satisfied with the vehicles or services delivered by other dealerships, so they can turn to you. Remarketing will also help you much with keeping buyers. But it’s not a free instrument.

From time to time many small dealership owners face the problem of making a successful marketing campaign when they are hard pressed for money. In digital world a limited budget is not a verdict. There are lots of methods that will help you promote your brand, and make a profit without big costs.

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