Cross-Device Remarketing

Cross-Device Remarketing

Do you attract audiences for remarketing through Google Analytics? If not, it’s the right time to start.

Today Internet marketing evolves by leaps and bounds. Google tries its best to contribute to it and to develop new trends and tendencies. Its latest news, the innovative Remarketing Audiences feature, will use a new cross-device remarketing functionality available in Ads and DoubleClick. Cross-device remarketing is an ability to track sessions on your website initiated on different devices. With the remarketing option provided by Google you can show each website visitor any relevant ads of your vehicles that he/she previously viewed. E.g. if a user came to your site and only explored your cars, create Remarketing Audiences in Google Ads to increase the selling capacity of your inventory. There are many advantages of Google’s remarketing functionality and it allows you to constantly display your ads to users while they surf the Internet.

The main point of cross-device remarketing

In Google Analytics there is a Smart List option that allows you to build remarketing lists. This feature creates and configures the lists automatically. It is based on the conversion analysis of millions of resources that were set up on Google Analytics pages. The system identifies and records user data such as a device, geographic location, browser, and a session duration. Then it estimates the most probability that a particular user will make a purchase. An effective remarketing tool requires some basic steps to be configured and launched in Google.

The advantages of cross-device remarketing

Most people use more than one device for surfing the Internet. They can see your ad on mobile phones and then find you on their computers or tablets and vice versa. Cross-device remarketing links multiple devices used by one user and broadcasts certain ads via different channels. It can become an essential marketing tool for your business. A user who logs into your dealer website from 2 or more devices will be identified as one person and will see your ads on many websites. Remarketing is carried out with such identifiers as Supply Side Platform (SSP), browsers, and applications on mobile phones between different devices.

As cross-device remarketing connects the actions of one user made from a smartphone and PC, it easily determines whether this is the same person or not. The cross-device model shows your potential customers personalized information that can interest them or in case they were interested in it before. This system is based on Google Analytics tracking. Google records the cookies of browsers on PCs or the ID numbers of mobile devices.

The client’s base is specified the same way. Cross-device matching recognizes only registered users. Another approach is tracking that analyzes a user’s behavior on different devices. A person may look at a vehicle from a smartphone, but may buy it from a laptop. That’s why you should test the search systems and determine the use of each device for specific purposes.

Cross-device remarketing allows you to increase your sales and your dealership’s marketing rating by reaching every personalized customer, no matter what devices he/she uses for making purchases.

It’s time to start using audiences for remarketing in Analytics. Thus, by the time you begin your cross-device remarketing you will have had an audience ready for a new campaign. Autoxloo as a badged Google Ads company and a certified Google Analytics specialist can help you set up such campaigns.

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