Let’s play social media games

Let's play social media games

Dramatically power your ROI

If you are a business person you have to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc Social is really what is going on today. You need to be social to be involved with social media. It takes some special understanding, even for Internet-savvy marketers. It is not something that you can set and forget, it takes great amount of attention each day, from early morning to evening.

Autoxloo gives you not only bunch of tools to manage all social media complexity, but more understanding of how to become social companies. If you lack the right technology to convert more marketing opportunities, you’re losing revenue. You can ask why you should use some additional software if marketing in social media is free. Well, social media itself doesn’t cost money, but it’s not free either. It costs time, energy, human capital and technology. All of which are limited resources. Each resource has a specific cost and yields specific results.

Want to become heavy social media user?

Without any doubt you want to know how much money you have made while implementing this or that feature. Autoxloo is ready to answer all your questions and help you in measuring your social media ROI.

Investment in social media with Autoxloo will more than pay for itself. Let us show it on a simple example. There is no universal Let's play social media games rule for how to measure the ROI of your social media efforts, but the simplest method is presented in the following equation.


Make social business

Interact with your clients as if they your friends. Don’t forget that social media is all about listening what others have to say and engaging into communication with them. Deeper customer loyalty and get better in what you do. Improve brand recognition, educate consumers. Listen for them and respond to both positive and negative comments. And you will earn their trust, they will realise that you are trying to be responsible. Don’t just say look at my dealership, offer something instead. People are waiting for conversation. When your loyal customers recommend you in online reviews it often results in referrals. Referrals often have a greater closing ratio than even previous customers.


So let’s start how you can bring down the cost i.e. savings. Autoxloo helps to save your time and energy dramatically. We consolidate bunch of services into one. Our social media applications automatically feeds your inventory to your dealership’s Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page. Update your dealership website and social media accounts simultaneously. Get access to your pages right from your DMS. With Autoxloo you don’t have to give additional work to Online Marketing department. With us each vehicle in the Inventory list links directly back to the corresponding Vehicle Details page on your dealer website. It also functions exactly the same. Users can search and filter inventory and each vehicle has the same information that’s featured on your website. The number of times people are clicking on links that you share in your social media content increase your ROI.

We are interested in direct deflection. To calculate it you need the following information:

  • the cost of a call
  • the numbers of questions asked per month on social networks
  • the percentage of questions answered by your other users
  • the percentage of questions deflected

But don’t just believe our words. See figures and facts. Let’s take a closer look to your contact center. Agent assistance calls are the most expensive part and one way to reduce these calls is to involve your online customers and users. You can affect call deflection, average handling time and first contact resolution. Let’s take a closer look to call deflection. There are two types of call deflection: direct and indirect. Direct deflection where customer post a question and gets an answer from other users so-called advocates. They can help you answer support questions and encourage others to become customers, probably even faster than you can. As a result customers won’t pick up a phone to call an agent. And also the indirect deflection where customers finding existing answer and never even post a question.


Knowing the information indicated in the list you can calculate the actual savings from call deflection for year. Do the same for the other metrics and see total for the gains you can expect from the social media networking.


Next for measuring your social media ROI you have to calculate costs. Usually all costs can be divided to costs related to people, price of the technology solution and the cost of implementing the process. Some of your people will work on the program part time and others will be full-time. For each person you should calculate their salary and benefits by the amount of time they spent on the project. For technology costs figure the cost of your individual components and don’t forget to add the one-time cost of implementing technologies.

Now you are ready for the ROI calculations: subtract the cost from the gains, divide the result by the cost and multiple it by a hundred. You are done. Of course you can include any other expenses and take into consideration everything you want.


Make Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or You Tube work for you. Social media helps greatly in knowing your target audience. Estimate the cost of gathering the same data with and without Autoxloo. You have to conduct expensive researches, generate polls and surveys on customer information, demographic data etc With us all your leads are automatically sent to your CRM which is fully interactive with event calendar, activity based tasks, escalation process and campaign management of clients budget and purchasing habits. Our Applications turns social media into powerful lead-generation source.

Learn what equipment and software you need to enhance dealership integrity and reputation even if you’re on a budget. Get the opportunity to use redirect from one social media site to another. Calculate the time mentioning your dealership to all these sites separately and simultaneously. You can estimate the number of times the trade media mentions your dealership because of your social networking and then compare the cost of advertising in similar traditional channels. Replace high cost services with social media. With Autoxloo long list of your expenses is no longer exist. No need to sacrifice your personal time to handle your dealership’s needs. User-friendly, intuitive interface and our smart and capable staff help you to handle all the magic of social media.

Asking yourself how to get more out of your social media marketing?


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