Lead Driver – Incentive Module

Lead Driver – Incentive Module

Make your customers happy

Our aim is to offer our clients the most technologically advanced services. That’s why we are constantly providing new opportunities which help car dealers to attract more customers & increase sales.

Recently Autoxloo developed easy-to-use discount module. Reports from the Ipsos “Open Thinking Exchange” (world’s third largest market research company) shows that 70% of consumers who follows a business or brand online say that they stay more connected to the company when they are offered discounts, coupon etc. Apparently stronger relationship with customers are created by providing discounts as thus 7 of 10 consumers are attracted to company’s website, blog or social media accounts. If your dealership can’t offer customers an incentive for doing business with you, there is a good chance they will look a better deal elsewhere. Don’t miss out the opportunity!

Discount module is a very useful feature for every car dealership.

People are looking for a quality vehicle which has a low price. Only a few ones turn down the opportunity to make a good deal. With Autoxloo’s module you may add discount for all your vehicle inventory or only for some certain cars. Turn it on or off when it’s convenient for you. No need to create new offers every time, just correct existing ones with the help of the filters. Build them in advance, deploy at will or use them for period of special proposals or seasonal sales. Enjoy the flexibility of saving and storing multiple discount programs, and publish them on event dates.

Let your customers feel themselves unique.

Generate special discounts for specific groups. After submitting the form, the client will receive his own personal discount as well as email notification about price quote. Stick a dynamic pricing strategy to stay ahead of the competitors and boost your conversions sky high.

Discount module will make the process of selling your cars easier & faster. Control your own unique discount offers, attract new customers and keep them coming back.

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