Autoxloo Extends the Business Strategy To the Auto Market In SA

Autoxloo extends the business strategy to the automotive market in South Africa

Autoxloo, a leader in software development for the automotive industry in North and South America, Europe and Africa, today announced its expansion initiative for adding new resellers and agencies in the Republic of South Africa.

Autoxloo entered the South Africa market in 2012 by teaming up with MotorTrader and later launching several successful projects such as and and many others. In 2014 Autoxloo exhibited at the South African Automotive Week (SAAW) as the only online technology DMS provider in South Africa, presenting its wide range of products and services navigating the Internet marketing trends in the automotive industry.

Autoxloo Extends the Business Strategy To the Auto Market In SA

Autoxloo SEM team gained prominence and recognition by receiving the Google Partner Award for their high proficiency, quality and user-friendliness. Now Autoxloo offers a wide range of products and services for auto dealer business in South Africa such as:

  • Dealer Management tools and SEO compliant responsive websites
    for individual Dealers and Aggregation systems which cover a complete dealer management system for showcasing the vehicle inventory on the Internet.
  • Auction Marketplace
    which gives dealers the ability to launch their own auctions. A complete bidding platform has everything they need for the most effective and comfortable auction scenarios.
  • CRM system
    which provides the clients with a possibility to manage and schedule their workflow by using any device with the Internet connection.
  • Live Video Streaming (LVS™)
    a technology allowing dealers to showcase the vehicles to customers in real-time.
  • Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR™)
    systems capturing the vehicle pedigree and detailed condition along with the interior, exterior, mechanics and its ODB2 values of electronics. The VIR™ module is fully integrated into the Autoxloo DMS or can be embedded onto any website platform with compatible technology.

Autoxloo plans to extend their product promotion to the local markets of Johannesburg, Durban, Capetown and Port Elizabeth. Autoxloo welcomes resellers, agents and partnerships with active entities serving the automotive dealers in South Africa. This will help them increase their online presence and widen their client database.

“Each new country we engage offers us new challenges and opportunities and we love it. We want to introduce a paradigm shift to this market and take it to the next level. Our products are designed to change the way people think. We’re building the new standards of buyers and sellers interaction. We want resellers who share our views to join our team and become our partners and customers”, the Autoxloo CEO, David Vahman said.

About Autoxloo
Autoxloo offers an extensive array of solutions such as Dealer Management Solutions, VIR™ Condition Report, Responsive Websites, CRM (including Workflow & Escalation Tools), Retail and Wholesale Market Place Aggregation Platforms, Predictive behavioral analytics, Automated Push Technology, Event driven Ads, GEO Targeted content, LVS™ Live Video engagement tools, Human Resource Information Systems, Competency and Training systems, Compliance tools, integration to third party DMS and much more in providing dealerships with the most effective path to streamlining their daily business needs.

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