Autoxloo acquired Vero Group LLC

Webxloo LLC’s subsidiary Autoxloo, a leading global provider of Dealer Management Solutions has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Vero Group LLC, a leading edge systems provider of Auction Management Software. Vero’s AMS and Autoxloo’s Simcasts™ Simulcast, AuctionLink™ Multi-Posting, VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report, MPS Market Place System, RAW™ Responsive Auction Websites, ComplyApps™ Compliance, CRM (Workflow & Escalation Tools), EMag™, will give independent auto auctions a complete and comprehensive suite of essential products and services critical to the wholesale space.

“The wholesale industry has been holding its breath in frustration far too long waiting for a unified solution” said Joe Kramer SVP of Autoxloo. He went on to say “Our combined product vision will accelerate our capabilities to serve the Auctions and build upon an already feature rich and stable platform.”

The two companies share a similar open source methodology. Vero’s AMS is a single build architecture echoing the Autoxloo cloud technology for easy SAAS deployment of upgrades.

“History has taught our industry, poor system architecture and failed commitments result in immense risk and cost for Auction Owners and their stakeholders alike. I am thrilled to merge our AMS with the proven cloud services of Autoxloo” said Rick Wells President of Vero. He continued “We have assembled an extraordinary leadership team that can deliver mission critical and complex components as one integrated solution”

Rick, will continue in an executive capacity with Autoxloo to further advance the AMS product. The integration of the product lines is in final beta testing and will be made available to all existing clients starting Feb 2017, with new installations in queue to begin March 2017.

“There is a fracture and deficiency in delivery by the current providers. Auction owners are waiting months to a year to receive an update or patch which would be intolerable of in any other software vertical. With this acquisition, independent Auctions will now have access to 30 products and 110 dedicated staff in the automotive space alone, making available more resources and tools than the current providers combined.” said David Vahman CEO of Webxloo LLC.

About Webxloo LLC

Webxloo was founded in 2005, as a high velocity software development organization with a growing footprint of clients and partnerships in over 7 countries worldwide. With core capabilities in Rapid Mobile Development and Innovative Enterprise Solutions for the Automotive (, Healthcare and Electronic Manufacturing sectors. Breadth of technology includes, Business Intelligence Tools, Predictive Behavioral Analytics, Live Video Engagement, Human Resources Information Systems and Competency Assessment Tools available as one integrated solution.

About Vero Group LLC

Founded in 2001, a 10-year member of the NAAA, Vero has a long and successful track record of providing the most user friendly AMS to Independent Dealer Auctions. Prior to founding The Vero Group LLC, Mr. Wells co-founded H.O. Software a turn-key billing and CRM solution for the cellular industry. In 2001 Verisign (VRSN – Nasdaq) acquired the company for 348 million dollars.

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