Video Trend: New Possibilities for Dealers

Video Trend: New Possibilities for Dealers

Video blogs, video sharing websites, live video streams, panoramic videos and carousel ads expand video formats and audience every day. What is the reason of such trending? How can dealers take advantage of it?

Video gives a real possibility to influence on several perception points of the watcher. It is much easier to type a query in the search bar and to watch the guidelines than to read the manual. It’s more visual, easy-to-understand, effective and quick. The video content is easy to take and to affect through it.

Today all videos are divided into static ones offered with YouTube channel, Coub, GIF formats, etc. and live streaming videos like Skype, Viber, Simulcast app, etc. It’s not a secret that the Facebook’s video coverage 10 times exceeds the coverage of a post with the image. Thus, Facebook promotes video files and encourages people to make and share the video content. Of course, video won’t replace images, photos and text formats entirely, but the popularity of the video service made it a trend. According to the forecasts, in 2019 video will take 80% of the whole Internet traffic. One of the most strongly marked last year trends was the phenomenal growth in popularity of the live video streaming content.

Autoxloo keeps pace with all the trends and offers dealers to improve their website visibility, conversions and sales by implementing live streaming opportunities to their businesses. Our Live Video Streaming™ (LVS™) application is a new approach to broadcasting the data through the time and area. A customer can be in any place supported with the Internet network and watch the video of the vehicle a presenter is showcasing. This live stream allows a seller to focus on any car zone or detail which is very convenient for a subscriber. The SimCasts™ module allows auction bidders to watch the vehicle live streaming and bid at the last minutes of the auction time. A buyer has a real chance to win the auction during the video stream by placing the highest bid. Our Video Services provide a possibility to process video testimonials, connect your video files to YouTube, convert the vehicle pictures into a slide show, put background audio, turn the speech into text, etc.

As a leading provider of the vehicle showcasing tools Autoxloo develops and actively implements all the necessary software for your most comfortable video and vehicle presentation services. They will help you promote your inventory and tell the world about yourself in the most comfortable, user-friendly and non-intrusive way.

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