Track Your Leads with Google Analytics

Track Your Leads with Google Analytics

Autoxloo is committed to your car dealer website’s success. We are proud to announce that we have high conversion rate and provide the most robust and transparent data possible to our dealerships. It is about that every dealer website is provided with Google Analytics package.

Autoxloo gathered team of professionals and have a staff Google Analytics Certified Digital Marketing professionals who can help your dealership optimize your website. We can better than ever understand how to interpret your own Analytics data. Our dealerships get the best service in network industry and we can prove our success with the list of benefits from Google Analytics.

Drive meaningful traffic to dealer websites. We set up goals that can help us track conversions and service appointments. By this way Google Analytics help us best improve the website’s navigation and direct traffic to these goals.

Quality traffic. Google Analytics not only tracking where visitors are coming from, but the quality of that traffic too. We also notice how many of those visitors follow through with a conversion such as a form submission or inquiry.

Duration of visits. Google Analytics tracks how long the person stays on this page and how many people leave after seeing this page. This can tell us a lot about the content of a page and whether or not we need to improve its design or add some more to keep visitors’ interest.

Location. We are able to see where our visitors are coming from and how long they stay on our sites. This is important information for us to have when targeting our dealers’ competitor cities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any additional information, we will provide you with the best products & services.

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