Should Your Dealership Be On Twitter?

When it comes to business, every activity should be planned and thought-out. Even if you are fluid with your advertising dollars, you can’t afford to just start using any new marketing channel without a preliminary assessment of its profitability.

That’s where we come in. We have been managing social media for car dealers, so we are able to answer the question that you’ve been asking yourself:

Is it possible to promote vehicles on Twitter?

Should Your Dealership Be On Twitter?

First, let’s define Twitter’s place among other social media sites. Being in the top 5, Twitter along with Facebook are platforms where people seek information. It’s not just mindless surfing, people come on Twitter to discover something. Vehicle buyers stop by to discover automotive news, new model launches, upcoming events, etc. Due to its rapidity, Twitter instantly delivers news, thoughts, and reviews to the customers that are ready to consume them.

Now let’s turn to statistics to see a vehicle buyers’ behavior on Twitter. According to Nielsen research, commissioned by Twitter:

  • One in four of new vehicle purchasers in the U.S. have used Twitter as input for their vehicle purchase decision

    This means that 25% of people who want to buy a vehicle use not only endemic sites like AutoTrader, Edmunds, or AutoGuide, but also social networks during their purchase journey.

  • 90% of those who used Twitter in their decision process were influenced by it

    As you can see, Twitter plays a large role among other social media for car dealers. It helps customers to make up their mind.

  • 40% of vehicle buyers on Twitter said the platform made them more aware of different vehicles

    Within your Twitter page you can give these people a reason to consider you as a vendor, then make them aware of what you offer, and provide localized information as well. You will definitely see the fine results.

  • 38% of US High Income Households are on Twitter

    Those of the upper class are on Twitter. Market to people with deeper pockets and thus more purchasing power.

  • 79% of Twitter users are more likely to buy a vehicle in the next four years compared to non-users

    Vehicle buyers that are flocking to Twitter can find out what is happening in the automotive industry in short order, which allows them to move faster through their purchasing process.

So, returning to the question that we’ve started with:

Yes, it’s possible to promote your vehicles on Twitter.

As we are managing social media for car dealers, we see the results of our work: A dealership’s Twitter account that is managed by us experiences an increase in sales and in their customer base.

Even when people don’t ask questions about your dealership’s services directly on Twitter, a managed account allows you to stay on a customers’ radar, to be aware of what potential buyers are talking about, and to jump into a dialog whenever you want.

Also, you can target people who are following the brands that your dealership carries.

Another great thing about Twitter is that you can set up different kinds of targeting within the platform: Location targeting, language targeting, and age/gender targeting.

Twitter has a world of opportunities, however, you should keep in mind some of its unique features:

  • 93% of its audience use the platform primarily on mobile devices, they don’t use it much on desktops.
  • You should post consistently, at least 2-3 times per day to avoid being overlooked.
  • To find out the best time to tweet and what is the most favorable interaction that your page can get, it’s recommended to use Twitter Analytics.


Twitter is definitely a platform that should be included within your marketing strategy. If you want to find out what is happening in automotive land and be able to contribute to that, use Twitter. If you want to highlight what you’re doing and what customer service approaches you utilize, use Twitter. If you want your customers to choose your dealership over the nearest corner car lot, use Twitter.

Of course, it’s a lot of time-consuming work to optimize your Twitter account and constantly post useful content. We offer you Social Media Marketing services. We will manage your page(s), analyze the engagement and help you gain more customers as a result of being on Twitter. The great benefit that you get with our DMS is that every vehicle from your inventory can be posted directly to Twitter to impress vehicle buyers right away! Contact us today and let’s discuss your future.

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