Sell Cars on Facebook Marketplace

Wondering how to sell cars online? Do you know that at the very same moment, tons of in-market, pre-qualified, local car buyers are actively searching for their next vehicle on Facebook Marketplace? Let them see your ads and get thousands of impressions and clicks on your live inventory. Sell Cars on Facebook Marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an online local shopping platform that connects buyers and sellers in the familiar Facebook environment.

Introduced in 2007, Facebook Marketplace was shut down in 2014 but only to be re-launched two years later as a totally new and improved platform.

During the first year of its new life, Facebook Marketplace attracted a wealth of automotive shoppers turning the auto section into one of the most popular categories.

The traffic was so heavy, that in October 2017 Facebook expanded the sales of used cars on Marketplace. Later on, they enhanced the vehicle section with advanced filtering and Facebook dynamic retargeting for auto dealers.

Why is it popular?

Facebook Marketplace has already made its way to the top of classified websites in the US. Part of the credit for this popularity goes to the familiar interface and the ability to actually see the person’s or entity’s public profile.

Some of the classified websites are notorious for faceless fake or deceptive ads that got there due to the lack of personal information that a platform requires from a seller. Facebook Marketplace is different, the ads there actually have “face” that makes a buying process safer and customers more confident.

Facebook Marketplace for Car Dealers

Facebook Marketplace is a great opportunity for car dealerships. It allows you to present your inventory to used car buyers online in a way that you can’t do with any other platform:

  • Be where the customers’ eyes are

    It’s stating the obvious to say that Facebook has a massive user base. Unlike other 3rd party listing platforms, there is no need to actually attract buyers to a site – they are already there.

    The only thing left to start selling cars on Facebook Marketplace is to expose and market your inventory. Thousands of used car buyers online will see your listings naturally blended into their news feeds right next to the pictures of their friends and family.

  • Attract local buyers

    Facebook Marketplace brings you the hyper-localized leads as it shows listings within 40 miles of a person’s location by default.

  • Be mobile-friendly

    With Facebook, you don’t have to worry about the proper displaying of your ads on mobile devices since their vehicle listings are specially formatted for smartphones.

  • Sell cars off Facebook Messenger

    Another competitive advantage for car dealers is that only you can not only sell cars on Facebook Marketplace, but you can sell them off Facebook Messenger.

    Facebook Messenger provides a seamless communication which is crucial when it comes to nurturing sales leads. Instead of clunky chat service that can actually stand in a way of purchase, customers can easily initiate one-on-one conversations and request for additional info in a very convenient way that they are used to.

    The platform also supports photo- and video-sharing for richer and more engaging interactions with car buyers.

    Recently Facebook has launched a new feature that allows to send and receive payments via Messenger. The feature is now available in the U.S., France, and the United Kingdom for both desktop and mobile versions.

    Having said that, the whole process from start to finish can be conducted on the platform: engagement, negotiation, and the actual purchase.

  • Navigate buyers to your website

    Marketplace is linked to your dealership Facebook Page which in turn is linked to your website where buyers can also land and stay.

  • Retarget easily

    With Facebook dynamic retargeting, you can easily remarket your automotive inventory ads not only to users who clicked on your ad or visited your website or a dealership Facebook page, but also to users who had visited other automotive-related Facebook Pages and sites. This advanced retargeting option allows you to keep your dealership at the forefront of consumers’ minds and remind them of what they were interested in every time they go online.

How to post inventory on Facebook Marketplace

Autoxloo is your premier partner when it comes to digital marketing for car dealers. With our Managed Classified Posting Package, you will get a fixed number of Facebook Marketplace listings per month to skyrocket your dealership visibility and unit sales.

If you want to target in-market car shoppers within your primary market area and get the first-party leads, let’s discuss your personal posting plan, the best time for posting as well as best number of posts per day/week and the results that you are expecting.

Contact us today and start selling cars on Facebook Marketplace!

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