Optimize Your Website Using A/B Testing

Optimize Your Website Using A/B Testing

Many men, many minds that’s why you need to know what kind of adjustments to perform to the pages of your website. In order to consider differences between your target audience and their preferences, you need to start your webpage testing strategy and find out the most profitable design, content. A template that worked well during six months may no longer going forward. That’s why Autoxloo takes into consideration that successful tests will vary from dealership to dealership, and, more importantly, that digital experimentation is an ever-evolving process.

Follow our main steps and convert more shoppers into buyers.

Identify what features can be verified to drive more leads. Consider some main aspects that should be included and choose only one change at a time in order to avoid information overloaded. You may add new videos, adjust the order of content, streamline your text on key mobile pages or even add new design. With goals established and a program for adjusting components of your webpages, you can now draw the blueprint for your testing plan. For example, you can clearly identify exactly what you are going to make, page that you are going to change, and confirm that it gets traffic to support your experiment. If these actions create positive movements toward your goals, it is scalable. Don’t forget to make the adjustments that you laid out in steps to test your webpages’ optimal layout.

Be ready that it will take some time to test serving two different versions of your page to the traffic that lands on it, tracking differences in behavior and alignment with your goals. Depending on the page, its quantity of views, and the experiment itself, it can take approximately a week to get clear results.

Forget that your site couldn’t be even better. Consider new ways to test the features of your webpages. Look at competitors’ sites and see what you think is working for them.

It is always necessary to have your eye on your website and potential changes you might consider making. Small changes can make big impacts on your dealer website. Contact us now and we will help you to test the water and find out the best of two worlds.

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