Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management

The mobile device, is it a phone or tablet, coordinates the daily lives of  everyone nowadays, especially of automotive consumers. Your customers are online 24/7, so you should be too! Make your website, your inventory and the Internet will work for you. For any dealership which is interested in mobile compatible websites, mobile Inventory Management and how to expand your brand with mobile technology, our amazing mobile, patented SlingShot software is extremely concise and helpful.

With SlingShot Mobile you can go online and manage your inventory from just about anywhere. Simply get in and upload vehicle’s stats, photos even video to your inventory. Consider the time lost waiting for the vehicle which are delivered and scheduling a third party person onsite to take pictures. And think of what a difference a simplified process could make to the dealership’s bottom line at the end of the year.

SlingShot Mobile works by scanning the vehicle’s VIN, taking a few pictures and navigating point-and-click menu which will describe how the car was utilized in the past. Use our VIN Decoder and capture all relevant information in 5 minutes or less with our VIN explosion capability. A vehicle history are entered in a few easy steps. You won’t need an IT degree to quickly capitalize on application’s abilities.

Autoxloo is always ready to help your dealership. You’ll quickly see just how much of an impact Slingshot Mobile has on your business. Contact Autoxloo today.

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