Join Us at Used Car Week 2019 – Booth #109!

Join our team at Used Car Week 2019 on November 11-15, at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. The industry experts, thought-leaders, exhibitors, and sponsors will come to this remarkable event from all over the country to talk about the most current challenges that the automotive retail and wholesale are facing.

As one of the top DMS providers, we will be showcasing over 36 Products and Services of the AutoXloo Dealer Management Systems during the 1st Block of UCW, on November 11-13.

The eleven Modules and Features of the CAMS-IIITM Auction Management Solutions with interconnectivity will be presented during the 2nd UCW block: starting the 13th through the end of the exhibition. Join Us at Used Car Week 2019 We welcome dealers as well as auto auction owners to visit us to:

  • Learn how to sell more vehicles at a higher value for less cost in person or online to buyers from any place of the world
  • Discuss the outdated old-school approaches that keep your business from growing
  • Explore our suite of perfectly integrated auction management solutions and dealer management systems
  • Learn how to become more visible in local markets
  • Replace costly or menial repetitive tasks with our software
  • Gain market share that hasn’t been reachable with your current DMS providers and AMS providers

The innovative auction management software that we are going to unveil at Used Car Week 2019:

In-App Bidder

The IN-APP Bidder mobile application that is available only through allows bidders to easily navigate between the lanes and details displayed and participate in each of the multiple lanes at the same time via their mobile devices.

Auction-On-Wheels (Aka Mobile Auto Auctions)

The Auction-On-Wheels Mobile Auto Auction is a mobile workstation that enables auctions to create new sales channels by hosting mobile sales events miles away from their physical locations. The portable tablet and proprietary applications empower auctions to remotely run the sale and cut the expense of having a physical location, rent, utility costs, and any costs associated with traditional brick and mortar facilities.

A.I. Auctioneer

Although this feature is currently in BETA, after its release, it will change the way auctions interact with their buyers for the whole industry. A.I. Auctioneer is a true game-changer in the auctioneer software as it provides a tireless artificial intelligence-powered alternative to a human auctioneer that allows reducing labor cost while increasing your auction performance.

Join Us at UCW 2019

Visit and to learn more about our auction management solutions and dealer management systems. Schedule a meeting with Auction Streaming’s team during Used Car Week 2019 to discuss how our software can help you to gain market share that your current AMS and DMS providers can never provide you with.

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