Is Twitter Significant?

Is Twitter Significant?

Nowadays Twitter has over 500 million active users. It mostly gathers audience who prefers snippets of information in 140 characters or less. Is it really matters if dealerships create their account on Twitter, instead of Facebook or any other social media platform? We think it does. Autoxloo is going to show you how you can have your voice heard and be found on Twitter.

Customers spend time on Twitter with the understanding that they’ll see easy to read posts. As we’ve already mentioned, tweets are 140 characters or less and prospects are more likely to read them. Besides the number of characters, you should make sure that your dealership shares engaging content. Don’t hesitate to share great post elsewhere on the internet. If customers notice a great variety of informative posts on your page, they will definitely follow you.

Base your responds on Twitter. If a customer tweets about an issue at your dealership, you need to respond in a professional manner. Autoxloo has SMM specialists, who are working to handle these praises or complaints and to raise your Twitter’s performance. It will help to interact directly with customers. Build real relationships and bring more leads to your website.

Don’t worry about your prospects’ location. We know that you can use Twitter to reach out to potential leads within your geographic region. Just search by interests, hashtags, geographic location and more to directly interact with people. Autoxloo is ready to give you a hand to engage your followers.

Using Twitter for your car dealership is truly a must. Your competitors certainly are using it to their advantage. Don’t be left behind! Contact us now and build a strong SMM campaign on Twitter.

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Posted: March 29, 2016 at 6:37 am | 449 views

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