Increase Inventory Visibility with Etch-A-Word

Increase Inventory Visibility with Etch-A-Word

AutoXloo’s revolutionary Etch-A-Word program will allow your dealership to enhance, adjust, label, and rearrange your inventory photos without the need of expensive graphic programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. When your clients visit your website they will be able to access all of the information they need about a particular vehicle right on your page, outlining each vehicles strong points and showcasing the details that you particularly want highlighted to your customers. Etch-A-Word uses a simple drag and drop tool making the ability to add descriptions and text to your automobile photos quick and easy. Our software comes with a huge selection of graphics, logos and frames that will make each and every one of your photos pop. You can reach a new level of detail with each one of the cars in your inventory, catching customers’ attention and clearing any misgivings they might have. With the ability to change text size, color and transparency you can draw attention to the details you want them to pay attention to particularly. Low mileage? New transmission? One owner? Outline each one of these things on your photos in a snap and watch the appreciation from your clientele. Offering your customers a clear, concise way to gather information about a vehicle they are interested saves you time overall and lets your customers know that you believe in disclosure and are willing to spend the extra time to make certain that they can learn everything they want to know about the various automobiles in your inventory. Upload your own detailed photos of the cars in your inventory. Outline the highlights of each vehicle to better attract customers who are looking for specific features. Improve the level of trust clients have in your company by this level of ‘transparency’ and do all of this via one remarkable program: Etch-A-Word by AutoXloo.

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Posted: April 24, 2012 at 6:00 pm | 736 views

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