How Your Business Can Benefit By Using Online Forms

As a business owner you are always open to new solutions that can help to facilitate and streamline your business processes. Autoxloo’s Make-A-Form™ is a helpful and versatile professional form builder that will engage users and increase your completion rates.

What is a form builder app?

It is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop software application for producing customized online forms that get results. Your business is unique, so why bother using regular pre-built forms if you can design distinctive ones that suit  your specific business needs.

To create unique and beautifully-designed online forms you don’t need to be a programmer with coding knowledge. The user interface is very friendly, so you will not experience any difficulties.

How Your Business Can Benefit By Using Online Forms

Why do you need it?

Car dealers have a lot of paperwork to do which can be very time consuming, and time is money. Not to mention, customers tend to choose vendors who can provide the most convenient way of communicating – which is online of course. 10 years ago the ability to apply for an auto loan online could make a dealership stand out from the crowd. But now in 2018 the inability to do it can simply eliminate you from the customers’ consideration. Today, a business that hasn’t converted from paper to online forms is considered to be outdated.

How often do your customers ask “Can we do this online?” And how often are you forced to say “Unfortunately, no”? An online form builder will enable you to stop saying “no” to your customers. This software will help improve your clients’ online experience and make it more convenient for them to use your website. It will also allow you to automate your workflow and decipher all of the incoming data.

How online forms can increase engagement rates

The structure and the appearance of an online form have a direct impact on how people interact with them. Our Make-A-Form™ builder allows you to tip the scales in your favor by creating something different. With customizable fields, layouts, colors and fonts you now have the freedom to show off your creativity, grab the customers’ attention, and maintain it.

Once submitted, the form is converted to a PDF-file that can be stored, downloaded or shared as a stand-alone link. A copy of the lead is automatically added to your CRM and sent to your email, so you will not miss a lead.

Our e-signature feature turns a PDF-file into a legally binding online document which is valid and secure.

Where can you utilize online forms?


With a flexible form builder your marketing team can easily collect the customers’ data online via branded lead generation forms, sign-up forms, auction participant registration forms, contact forms, lead capture forms, customer surveys, and more.

Customizable fields like personal data, business addresses, and financial information will allow you to design online forms according to your company’s   goals and expectations.


With the help of online forms your sales representatives can effectively manage online order requests, service requests, inspection requests, and demo or meeting requests, etc.


Your finance or accounting team can streamline approval processes by creating credit application forms, as well as reimbursement requests.

How Your Business Can Benefit By Using Online Forms


A form builder allows you to create electronic forms and to collect whatever data you may need. With the flexibility it has, the possibilities are endless. Liberate yourself from third-party developers and create online forms single handedly in minutes.

Autoxloo offers you our Make-A-Form™ professional PDF form builder that will increase your sales, help you to generate quality leads, and enhance your return on investment (ROI). You can adapt these online forms to suit any business process your dealership has. Contact us today to start moving your business forward in today’s online world.

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