How VIR™ Calculates Vehicle Grading

How VIR™ Calculates Vehicle Grading

Today there is a lot of software that evaluates the condition of used cars. Such tools provide exact and reliable assessments of a vehicle’s state and damage severity. By using them dealers and their customers can select any particular car that is in the best possible condition.

Autoxloo is one of the leaders in developing vehicle condition software. We allow auto dealers to create accurate, detailed and trustworthy reports with our Vehicle Inspection Report™ (VIR™) tool that also has a mobile application. With VIR™ sellers can estimate the technical condition of their inventory and get an objective grading on its state and damage severity. Buyers can rely on VIR™ reports and significantly exclude the risks associated with the vehicle’s purchase.

To provide an objective and authoritative grading for vehicles VIR™ uses a Grading System. It calculates the vehicle grading according to the condition and severity of the vehicle’s inspected areas. A user can see the condition of car’s areas as well as the grading of each part. The total grading is an average value of all summarized condition values of inspected areas. Any grade is determined with a color. A gray color signifies that a detail was not inspected.

The Grading System rates a vehicle within the range of 0.1 – 5.0, where 0.1 is ‘Extra Rough’ and 5.0 is ‘Extra Clean’.

The table below shows the relationship between the grading of a damaged item and its meaning in VIR™:

The best vehicle condition has a grading of 5 (Extra Clean), the worst – 0.1 (Extra Rough). For the UK version it is possible to use reverse grading where the best condition value will be 1 (Clean) and the worst – 5 (Extra Rough).

This tool allows you to use the Grading Coefficient setting to apply and recalculate the grading to all existing vehicles in your inventory.

The VIR™ tool gives a user the possibility to calculate additional parameters. So Repair Cost, Disclosure Codes, Grading Coefficient, etc. will significantly influence the vehicle grading.

If needed a user can exclude the total grading from the final report.

Autoxloo’s Vehicle Inspection Report™ is one of the numerous solutions that any dealer must have. Our VIR reports help dealerships build a good reputation. They are readily accepted by the leading online auto auctions and help customers make the right choice. Contact us to learn more

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