Fast and Easy Digital Photos for Car Dealers

Fast and Easy Digital Photos for Car Dealers

It’s exciting to see dealers embracing new technology and improving their processes within the dealership.  We are seeing more and more dealers using new technology tools to save time and money, and yield better results.  As WIFI, Bluetooth, smart cell phones and digital cameras merge into one device, dealers are leveraging these all-in-one devices to support powerful virtual dealerships online, complementing their onsite presence.  There are a few products available today that have embedded inventory management software into PDAs, and cell phones to simplify picture taking and the associated detailed descriptions.  AutoXloo offers their SlingShot software on a PDA.

Digital Images for Automobile Dealers

slingshot dealer digital pictures The SlingShot, ties several innovative technology tools into one device to deliver an easy-to-use and quick solution for taking pictures of a constantly changing inventory.  With fully enabled VIN explosion and data collection services, the SlingShot, using a single interface, gathers the information for each vehicle and can attach 60 pictures to upload directly to your website.  Check out a demo at our website, SLINGSHOT DEMO.

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