Customize Your Audience & Create Leads

Customize Your Audience & Create Leads

Statistics show that around 500 million people around the world are using Facebook today. It is used for more than just connecting with friends, it is also used for powerful newsletters and advertisements which will get you more leads. You can narrow your target audience for optimized results. Autoxloo will help you retain customers and build new leads easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively with a Facebook optimized account.

Autoxloo also recommends using Facebook’s Power Editor for optimal results. Use Facebook’s Power Editor and upload your own contact lists. Reach people using the extensive dealership data you already have at your disposal.

It makes your ads look like posts, only including much more advantages:

  • Call-to-action button and a tailored message
  • Audience will navigate to dealership’s link, like ad posts, comment and share
  • Better control over ads and ability to measure results
  • Easy to replicate campaigns
  • Test multiple ads at the same time to find the perfect design
  • Set the overall budget for ads easily

We will build the Power Editor on three very simple levels:

  • Campaign – This is area where you create the objective of your ad and decide how you want to work with your audience or convert them into leads. Autoxloo recommends aiming for conversion to aid in long-term results.
  • Ad Set– Decide who is going to see your ad and how much to put into your ad spend budget. Choose your target audience using specific behavior qualifications and/or traits. This is just one major benefit of social media advertising.
  • Ad Level – Create design, text and choose links. On this level Power Editor comes in handy, by allowing you the ability to upload multiple versions for testing ads. Assure that you use powerful tools for posting. Convert your leads with 100% success.

Facebook’s Power Editor can benefit your auto dealership. Don’t just take our word for it, check out targeting solutions for yourself. Contact us now.

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