Convert Shoppers into Buyers – Call-To-Action

Convert Shoppers into Buyers  – Call-To-Action

Live Chat

Autoxloo’s Live Chat is designed to give each department and its respective staff in your dealership a unique user access to interact with your potential customers. The live chat widget on your Autoxloo DMS is a great tool which facilitates the communication channel with the customer in real-time. Live chat increases the amount of leads and helps you develop a relationship between customers and your brand. With live chat customer doesn’t have to search for a phone number and make a call. Customers who are online can simply engage with the representative and get their answer in a few seconds. Being available 24/7 is the norm today.


Dealerships are looking for easier and faster way to connect with their customers. With Autoxloo click to call it becomes easier to convert shoppers into buyers. People just fill the form to request an immediate connection in real-time and sales person will call back in a matter of seconds.  The call can be set up instantly or scheduled at a later time, based on the customer’s preference. Prospects want real-time consultation when they make important decisions. People can ask any questions they want during live conversation. They want to speak with someone while browsing your website to answer a quick question before they commit. Clients who have received help from your dealership with click-to-call support are delighted and spread the word among friends.

Call-To-Action makes easy for customers to interact with your sales staff. Help on-line visitors find what they need, guide them and start selling more. Contact us!

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