Compliance Application

Compliance Application

One of the most important issues that dealers are faced nowadays is the ability to follow legal compliance. Sometimes dealer can easily become the target of a government investigation because of inattention to the main rules of it. Autoxloo’s compliance program is designed to assist dealerships to avoid the unnecessary situation that can end up costing your up to $5,000 per failure.  The FTC has indicated that dealerships are fully responsible for all inappropriate actions of their employees. Train your personnel or they may simply rely on doing business the way it’s always been done.

Use Autoxloo ComplyApps™ to protect your business. Dealer Compliance Consultants specializes in affordable compliance resources and education for dealers. They also provide compliance support to the dealerships. Before FTC comes to your dealership, let your internal inspectors find problems that have to be resolved and report about them with ComplyApps™. Inspector can report issues aim, its priority & cost of supposed fine. It is vital to follow all instructions in order to avoid paying heavy penalties. Enjoy how it became simple to keep everything in your dealership in the right order with the help of our ComplyApps™.

Benefits of ComplyApps™:

  • Integrate  with DMS and pricing systems,
  • Access the tool from anywhere- inside or outside of the dealership,
  • Generate seemingly endless reports in easy to understand formats,
  • Coach and train dealerships’ compliance support based on aspects of the system

With the help of the app, compliance support can spend less time to determine payments and more time on improving dealership’s stuff and system. Using Autoxloo’s application dealers are supported in their quest to maintain compliance. Once you’ve adopted the right solution, you’ll immediately begin to see results. Contact us now!

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