Cars on the chopping block?

Cars on the chopping block?

Today’s auto makers are listening to the needs of others and although they have an inordinate amount of information, in essence they are trying to foresee the future. The younger generations are fickle and cannot really decide what it wants for the price range it has. The middle generations are looking to keep up with the “Jones’s” and the older generations seem to still be pretty stuck in their ways. As this year has passed and although the economy has not improved a lot one thing is clear, auto sales are starting to thrive again

With several companies completely dying and a few that are going to be discontinue but a few that might be able to be saved. It seems that the small compact car is just not really holding on now that gas is no longer making all of us sweat bullets. The Toyota Yaris and Scion XD have seen a substantial loss in sales as well as the Smart for two. The Mazda Tribute which seems to not be able to find its own niche in the crossover marketplace is not doing as well either. Two cars that really shocked me that are on this list are two sports coupes. The Mazda Rx-8 and the Porsche Cayman have seen a loss in sales as well. The rx-8 was released as a family sports car. It has 4 doors and a comfortable back seat. Porsche is on the verge of releasing the Cayman S which should help them boost some sales.

With Autoxloo’s Market IQ you can see what price a vehicle is selling at around the world and know just where you stand with the price of your vehicle.  Hopefully with a new year just around the corner, car companies are looking to be able to reinvent their automobiles that are on the fence will hopefully fall on the profitable side. With sales starting to rise, all of the automakers are looking up to get out of this hole that has been dug.

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Posted: January 13, 2011 at 1:10 pm | 642 views

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