Autoxloo Car Dealer Software Is Helping Dealers to Sell Cars Online

As the COVID-19 Pandemic is changing the buying behavior of auto shoppers, dealers are struggling with the uncertainty around their businesses.

But although times are tough, your ROI doesn’t have to be negative. While the fear of being in public places may stop buyers from visiting physical dealerships to buy a vehicle, it won’t negate the need for having one. Despite a noticeable sales decline in many business verticals, the analytics tools show that traffic to dealer websites remain steady. People are still interested and in need of buying vehicles, only now they prefer to do it online.

At Autoxloo we have the widest range of car dealer software to help you adapt to current preferences of buyers and remain profitable even in times like this. Autoxloo Car Dealer Software Is Helping Dealers to Sell Cars Online

We are fully capable of creating a safe, welcoming, innovative, and user-friendly online environment where your target markets can land on to buy their next vehicle from you.

Today, the mission-critical car dealer software is the only way to retain existing customers and win new business during such an unscheduled downtime.

Car Dealer Websites

The array of products we have developed over the last 15 years allows us to have you up and running with your own dedicated online showroom where all you have in stock will be featured. The website will enable customers to complete every step of the car purchasing process from the comfort of their homes: browsing, inspecting, comparing, filling out the online forms, getting approved and even signing the bill of sales.

LVS™ Live Video Streaming

Show customers any vehicle in your stock LIVE the moment they are ready to see it utilizing our latest Live Video StreamingTM technology. You can as well invite them to take a virtual test drive with your sales staff and demonstrate the latest features and options on the vehicle at the same time.

VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report

Settle the nerves of your customers and ensure they make confident buying decisions with the VIRTM Vehicle Inspection Report that provides a detailed close-up profile as well as quality grading of any SUV, car, or truck in your stock. Our VIRTM car dealer software discloses the quality of the vehicle and determines its condition by a numeric value to help auto shoppers search and find the best vehicle instantly.

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This is just a fraction of the tools we can offer you to maintain the steady flow of online customers to your dealership. Autoxloo team and car dealer software we develop can help you to get through this decline by reshaping your business model and move towards online sales. Contact us today to be able to provide today’s auto shoppers with a positive experience for shopping online and choosing the vehicle they want and need without having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes.

Autoxloo Car Dealer Software Helps Dealers to Expand Their Customer Base
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