5 Benefits of Partnering With Autoxloo for Your Technology and Online Sales Needs

At Autoxloo, we help dealers adapt to new market conditions, reassure their current clients and attract new business using innovative auto dealer software. Below are our five modules that will provide your buyers with a positive experience for shopping online and choosing the vehicle they want without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

1. Responsive Websites & Analytics

This module is the cornerstone of lead conversion and measuring the quality of the provider’s performance in generating leads or reaching the online shopper. Autxloo’s responsive websites run on the Complete Proprietary Automotive WCMS platform that makes your inventory accessible from any device, any browser, on any of the most used operating systems. If your current website is underperforming, we can improve your ROI and increase the quantity and quality of your leads.

2. CRM & Workflow

This state-of-the-art auto dealer software is designed to improve efficiency and productivity of your sales team by coaching them to be more successful in closing the sale and following up with clients.

More often than not, CRM systems bring the frustration, overhead and burden due to being too complicated and the fact that they are not customized to the specific needs of dealers.

Our CRM module was created with the auto dealer in mind, leveraging an unparalleled workflow and online processes to significantly improve your productivity and save time, allowing your staff and management to focus on the day to day operations of selling more vehicles and better serving your car buyers.

5 Benefits of Partnering With Autoxloo for Your Technology and Online Sales Needs

3. Live Video Streaming™ & Vehicle Inspection Report™

If we learned anything from the recent pandemic is that people will adapt and new methods and emerging tools for delivering will bring the sales right to the buyers door. The LVS™ and VIR™ are the modules that allow for seamless information sharing and gaining the customers confidence of your dealership.

4. Financial F&I Tool

Our unified auto dealer software solution includes the latest technology, cloud-based DMS that are seamlessly integrated with all of the above mentioned.

If you’re already using a DMS from other vendors, we can significantly enrich its functionality by recreating the best features and interlacing it with our solutions. Such an improvement will result in your staff saving 20-30 hours each week and you being able to add the far anticipated enhancement you have been holding back due to unavailable resources. The final plus here is that you remove the risk of the developer disappearing and you are not left with a legacy / dead software.

5. SEO / SMM / PPC

Over 98% of the traditional providers do not understand how to market and position the car dealership on social media or use the right terminology for the search engine to see their platforms as necessary and relevant. We have the full range of services and knowledge to help dealerships improve their online presence and gain customer confidence.

CONTACT US today and we will answer all your questions about auto dealer software and solutions and will see what else we can do to help in the transition.

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