How to Attract Your Customers’ Attention. Part II

How to Attract Your Customers’ Attention. Part II

In our previous article we told about the signals and stimuli that influence human’s behavior and can be used in marketing to catch users’ attention. Let’s continue this list.

  • Moving objects. Only the feeling of move matters here. There are 5 types of movement:
    • Start of movement. Pulsating, bouncing or moving buttons attract attention, but they also irritate a lot. Do not get attached to them.
    • Impending objects. The impending objects require immediate decisions from us. As we need to decide if it’s dangerous and react accordingly. An impending car in your ad will attract users’ attention for sure, but the reaction can be contradictory. It can arouse a wish to hide away from the approaching vehicle.
    • Animation. If you include animation in your ad or banner you will get users’ focus you need. People can’t ignore such movement. Besides, don’t forget about human’s curiosity.
    • Dynamics. For our brain it’s not necessary to see the movement itself. It’s enough to perceive the dynamics. Use this trick in your ads.
    • Biological movement. We differ biological movement from mechanical motions. The biological movement is a natural change in the body position and it is more attractive for our eyes.
  • Contrast. A human’s eye sees contrast in color, position and size the best.
    • Color. People tend to choose the things that draw their attention. So you can highlight the vehicles on your website, ads, banners, etc. in color.
    • Position. The thing that has a different position in a row immediately strikes. It’s worth using when you position your vehicles.
    • Size. The size that differs from all others also strikes. Create the contrast to highlight the required stuff.
  • A threat. Our brain automatically scans the environment and identifies all possible threats. Angry faces, roaring animals, violence, etc. can attract attention to your brand, but will hardly win you customers. Use such images carefully for your marketing purposes.
  • Innovation. Innovations excite us, but at the same time people do not like them and try to stay away. So to attract customers to old, habitual things add something new to them. E.g. your car can speed not along the road only, but in the river, too. The combination of familiar and new things often guarantees success.
  • Goal orientation. This item differs from the information mentioned above. It’s not based on passive attention when people do not have specific goals to buy something. Goal orientation deals with situations when people have specific goals. You have little influence on such buyers but you can push them to select vehicles from your inventory. E.g. if a user searches for a white Hyundai Santa Fe, any white SUV will attract his/her attention.

As you see catching attention is a real business today. Autoxloo’s products and services won’t leave you unnoticeable. High technologies and our experience allow dealers to be leading and competitive players on the auto market. Contact us to learn more

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