Integration with Smart Auction

Integration with Smart Auction

Reinventing how dealerships buy & sell vehicles

We are pleased to announce that Autoxloo is now fully integrated with Smart Auction. The latest integration of the patented VIR™ (Vehicle Inspection Report) allows dealerships and auctions to seamlessly post vehicle on to the market place with a comprehensive inspection report attached.

Our complete patented VIR™ module gives accurate and detailed information about the true condition of the vehicle. VIR™ has assigned images to each item on a vehicle. Specify the condition of the vehicle and attach grading for each component on the car. VIR™ is visible on mobile devices. Moreover, it is able to switch the platform instantly when detecting the devise OS engaging the module.

We can go live instantly, with our VIR you don’t have to do double work as there is no need to wait for data feed to come because we host inventory. Autoxloo is one-stop shopping solution. We offer to our customers broad services as we have full complete DMS. Turnkey technology.


Here are just some of the advantages:

  • Provide highly accurate and detailed information for each vehicle.
  • Patented UI instant editing for each component on the vehicle.
  • Attached GEO location images.
  • Point and capture push technology.
  • Reduce post sale complaints and arbitration claims.
  • Bring transparency to every transaction.
  • Attract national and international buyers.
  • Inventory life cycle management direct to wholesale.
  • Added sales channel, more visibility & faster inventory turns.
  • Automated posting and removal technology.
  • Simple, convenient and intuitive.


In addition to our one point of failure system, Autoxloo will help your dealership manage every aspect of your professional life. We will take care for the entire life cycle of products and services, from cradle to grave.

Having a single point of contact provides significant benefits to our customers so to get innovative solutions for your dealership and more information about each of our amazing features and modules in details, contact us today!


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