Used Car Week / NRC 2017 with Auction Streaming was a Great Success

Used Car Week / NRC 2017 with Auction Streaming was a Great Success

We Had an Incredible Feedback

We at would like to thank all of the auction owners and representatives for stopping by our booth and taking the time to view a presentation. We appreciate all of the positive feedback and look forward to continuing our efforts to unify the wholesale market. If you were not able to attend the conference, don’t worry, we can show you all the features and modules in the online demo. Auction Streaming Platform will help you reduce cost and improve your system efficiency. Feel free to contact us.

The Auction Streaming Affect

At the Used Car Week 2017 we were asked a lot of questions: “How to sell more cars without increasing overhead”? “How to increase participation of the “online buyer”? “How to generate more sales “outside the gates” of my auction”? All of which are great questions and we were happy to provide auction owners with a one on one consultations to answer these and many more questions.

During the 3 day event (Second Block NRC), we showcased a wide range of products and services essential to running a successful auction, including our Auction Management System, AuctionLink™ Multi-Posting, VIR™ (Vehicle Inspection Report™) with Grade, Digital Marketplace, Auction Responsive Websites, Comply-Apps™ Compliance, CRM (Workflow & Escalation Tools), EMag™ Digital & Print Magazine and Business Intelligence Tools for the Automotive wholesale and retail industry.

If you want to know more about the Unified Wholesale Solution for Independent Auction Groups, visit

UCW / NRC Summary

During the week-long convention, 60 different workshops were held and 142 speakers shared their insight into current trends and how they will affect the remarketing industry as a whole. We met face-to-face with industry leaders and held many meetings with auction owners / partners, who want to break a new ground with our auto auction software.

Even though the 2017 UCW/NRC show has ended, the relationships we have established with our new clients have just begun!

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